Potes Notes – February 2012 – Illustrious Sir Hamons

Dear Nobles,

Thank You for installing me as your Potentate for 2012.   I am honored to serve as the Potentate of Zenobia Shriners and to lead our Nobles and their Ladies into the future. The year 2012 will focus on the Big 6 strategies: Membership, Communication, Leadership, Temple Management, Temple activity and Philanthropy.

My vision for this year is “Attitude for Altitude”.  Attitude is forward thinking and optimistic engagement of members unified in common goals.  Altitude is the result of successfully implementing the Big 6 Strategy and demonstrating improvement within each strategy area.

This will only be achieved if each member will commit to make Zenobia Shriners stronger and better with each passing year. I am committed to you as your leader to do my best to lead with a strong Attitude, committing to each and every Shriner; and to soar to the highest Altitude always pushing the boundaries of our success.

We will continue to promote the world’s greatest fraternity to men interested in finding their inner strength, and we will secure the success of the world’s greatest philanthropy – Shriners Hospital for Children through our commitment to children in need .

Thanks to the many Nobles and Shriners who bought tables provided gift baskets and auction items for the Wild Game Dinner.   Also thanks to all those who brought non-mason or non-shriner friends with them.  Remember all monies made at this event will sponsor membership programs for 2012 to help grow our lodges and shrine membership.

Don’t watch the Super Bowl along but do come out for the Super Bowl Party on February 5th.  Tickets are available from any Directors Staff member or call the Temple for help in getting your tickets.  Together we will make this party as fun as the game itself we just need you and your friends for this to happen.

The first Masonic/Shrine RUSH Night will be at Zenobia on Friday February 17th.  More information is presented in this newspaper but I am simply asking you to support this night with your attendance and by bringing a non-mason or non-shriner mason with you.  This event is for and in cooperation with all the lodges in northwest Ohio to present programs to men interested in becoming a freemason or a Shriner in a high impact high energy environment.

If you are in Florida please come to the GATOR PARTY on March 5th in Sarasota.  It is a great time and you will see many of your friends at this event.  I will see you there.

Thanks to all of you who helped with and attended my Potes Reception it was a wonderful time.  Special Thanks to the Divan Ladies, Teri Fowler and Dick Fries for all your hard work at food and decorations.

Finally Nobles, Please join me in celebrating the greatest year of Zenobia Shrine as we embark on our Attitude for Altitude campaign as I have a FIRST CLASS ticket for you.  I promise it will be a great ride!


Fraternally Yours,

Jeffery W. Hamons, Illustrious Potentate, Zenobia Shriners