Potes Notes – April 2012 – Illustrious Sir Hamons

The First Quarter of the year is now over and we have had a great start. When we started the year we knew we had to find a way to attract new men to become Freemasons and help us support our Masonic and Shrine causes. This task is no one that is mandated by some head of something who says we must do this or else. This task must come from you our fellow Brothers and Nobles. If you believe in our causes as I know you do then I know you can see the problem and that is we need younger men now to join us so our older more experienced Brothers and Nobles can mentor them. The good news is this. When we stated the beashrinernow.com program 3 years ago we knew we had to find a way to attract younger men to join us. We knew they are out there but what we didn’t know then and we do know now is this. They want to join because of their Grand Fathers, Fathers, Brothers, Uncles and friends they know who have left an impression on them of Good Men doing Great Things… This is the impression they have of you. I say to you “Ask them to join you at our next Rush Night or Temple Function. Invite them to go fishing with you at our upcoming fishing tournament. They will be glad you did and they will make you very proud of your fraternity.

I recently had the opportunity to review over 3000 beashrinernow.com comments lefts by men who visited our beashrinersnow.com website and read our information and then filled in a profile about themselves. Over 800 said they want to follow in your footsteps. Many said they are very interested in helping the kids and others said they wanted to grow their circle of friends in their communities. All good reasons and all of them just need you to be alert and ready when you see an opportunity to invite a man and his lady to one of our functions.

The Divan and I excited are very about the future of Zenobia and all the great things we see happening because of hard working men and ladies who care about our fraternity and do the things necessary to assure its continued success. I know by the time you read this the Circus for 2012 will have opened presented 8 shows and closed. Our goal for the Circus this year was more attendance and we hope the increase in our marketing activity will have helped us attain that goal. Come on out to the April Stated meeting and let’s all see how we did.

The Divan at our last meeting entered into a web marketing agreement with the Toledo Blade. We are paying to market the beashrinernow.com web banner ads on the Toledo Blade web assets for the next three months. If you are a registered Virtual Mentor you will be hearing from me in the next week or so to invite you to a special training class for mentors. If you want to become a mentor please sign up at http://www.shrinersvillage.com Membership, Virtual Mentor Program. If you are not signed up and want to be email and I will personally help you. The beshrinernow.com banner ads will appear in the Hadji issue so you know what they look like. Take a look Nobles we are systematically going to grow our fraternity. Mouth to Ear one man to another and we need you to lend an attentive ear.

Big 6 – Strategy 2 is our topic this month and that is Communications. As part of our Communications plan this year I desperately need Nobles who will apply to be Blue Lodge Emissaries. We are launching a new program where each Blue Lodge in Zenobia jurisdiction – 55 of them will each have a representative of the Potentate attend their Lodge meetings and give brief reports on what we are doing to Grow Freemasonry in Northwest Ohio. We need all our Lodges to partner with us in this effort and support our Blue Lodge Rush Nights, Thirsty Thursdays, Fishing Tournaments and our Golf Outing this summer. Please contact me Nobles if you can volunteer to represent Zenobia and Freemasonry at your Lodge meetings.

Thanks for all who attended the Ididtarod Party we learned a lot about Alaska, Dogs and Cold Deep SNOW! Special thanks to Teri Fowler, Dick Reder, Troy Hawkins, Tim Nackowicz and Joe Bublick.

Nobles the Onions are coming soon and we need to get them all sold and delivered in record time to make way for the 2nd annual Bobber Race which is coming soon on June 9th. Stay tuned for more information soon.

Thanks to all of you who have attended Thirsty Thursdays, Rush Nights and our other functions. Having you at our events is what makes the Fellowship of being a Shriner such a special thing. We need you Nobles please come on out and enjoy the benefits of your membership. If you need assistance in any way please let us know by calling the Temple.

Finally Nobles, Please join with me by visiting your Blue Lodge often this year. I know we will be glad we did.

Our Attitude for Altitude campaign is well underway and I have a FIRST CLASS ticket for you. I promise it will be a great ride so please get on board, sit down, buckle up and hang on.


Fraternally Yours,

Jeffery W. Hamons, Illustrious Potentate, Zenobia Shriners