Potes Notes – May 2012 – Illustrious Sir Hamons

Dear Nobles,

The most recent weeks have been packed with activities.  We often describe the Shrine as the private fraternity for Master Masons.  We can easily see how this describes us well.  Let’s look at what we have been doing.  First we learn from our Masonic teachings that we need to be solid upright and just men.  This means as we are taught to look for ways to help others especially those less fortunate then ourselves.  This work was recently brought to light by our successful Hospital Mini-Clinic.  The Nobles who led the Mini Clinic were Noble Dr. Espinoza, Noble Dr. Gable and Noble Assistant Rabban Keith Tuttle.  They were assisted by their ladies and scores of other Nobles and Ladies who all played a part in running a very successful event where six new kids will now have an opportunity to be helped by our philanthropy Shriners Hospitals for Children.

The Thirsty Thursday event for April found us gathered at S.W.I.G. in Perrysburg.  Over 30 Masons and Shriners and their ladies and some potential candidates joined for a great event.  One of our Divan members Chief Rabban Dennis Gable had so much fun he attended twice.

The Circus was again a wonderful show this year.  Thanks to Bob Secoy P.P., Ike Isaccson P.P., Teri Fowler and Dick Fries and Fred Emmett for primary management of it this year.  We had great participation from Shriners and their Lady’s and from lodge brothers who helped out and especially from the DeMolay and Rainbow.  I want to say thank you to all who gave of their time to help our great cause as Shriners.  We run the Circus not only as a fund raiser but also as a way to help get special kids to our Circus and to offer a great family friendly venue for all to enjoy.  Seeing all of us come together to work on one major cause is an awesome site and the Positive Attitudes at the Circus about who we are and what we do were surely going to bring us Altitude in the coming years.  We are still working on the books and we are sure to have broken even this year.  I know with all the ideas flowing to create now programs at the Circus like Lunch with the Clowns and having already started on next year’s Circus we will continue our goal of filling the seats.  Filling the seats will assure us a solid fund raiser that will allow us as Shriners to do even more for our members and most especially for the kids we seek to serve.

Noble Jerry Argabrite P.P. and his team of Nobles ran another great Firemen’s Appreciation Night.  We witnessed firsthand the stories of heroism and service before self.  Shriners and Firemen are a very compatible group of people and we especially take pride in giving those hard working men and ladies the recognition they deserve.  THANKS to all of YOU and also special recognition to our own Noble Jack Green who received a 45 year service award from Rising Sun Fire Department for his service.  Congratulations Jack.  As Potentate I gave out two special Potentates awards this year for members who have served on the Firemen’s appreciation committee for 10 years.  Past member Paul Fournier recently passed and Bob Papenfuss.  Paul and Pappy have worked tirelessly to assure the success of this program.  Thank You Pappy and Paul we miss you brother.

Big 6 – Strategy 3 is our topic this month and that is Leadership.  As Masonic organizations we do a lot to assure the future success of our members as Leaders.  We begin this journey of learning at our first entrance into a Masonic Lodge as there we begin learning about great lessons in life and that once one begins to work on themselves this work will most certainly assure the development of a man to become more confident, more educated, a better communicator and a stronger man both mentally and spiritually.  The leadership lessons in our Blue Lodges are founded in valuable life lessons and gleamed from the greatest minds of all times.  Joining lodge and then joining other Masonic bodies and the Shrine assures continued growth and development of the individual.  Taking on responsibility the help our organizations by running events, fund raisers, or entering a leadership line are all examples of a person working to help themselves by learning to help and to lead others.  Perhaps the greatest example of Leadership is when a man feels that he has grown as a man by being a member of Masonry and he then seeks to help other men see the light by helping them enter their journey into Freemasonry.  This is sign of a truly developed leader one who is willing to step and help out and to say I can share this story and I want to help other good men I know become even greater men.  Thanks to all of you who work to recruit new men.

This story came to me at the recent Ladies Oriental Shrine officer installation as I watch dozens of ladies all stepping up and taking parts in the leadership and operations of their Temple for this next year. I watched all of them pay such great respect to Lady Kuhn as she took the ultimate leadership position as their new High Priestess.  I felt honored to stand and feel the love and admiration that emanated from all of these ladies as they supported each other and especially their support for their new leader.  I am thankful to have been there to witness this.  Masonry is truly a leadership development organization.  Who do you know that can use our help and who in turn will then be better enabled to help us help others?

Nobles the Onions are coming soon and we need to get them all sold and delivered in record time.  The Tackle Box 2 is again hosting a fund raiser for Zenobia and it’s the 2nd annual Bobber Race and they are now selling tickets for this event.   Stay tuned for more information.

See you in Tiffin at TJ Willies for Thirsty Thursday on May 3rd.  Ohio Shine is May 4th and 5th with our Spring Ceremonial on May 5th at 3 p.m. at Put-In-Bay.  Who can you invite?

Nobles get your boats and fishing pals entered into the Blue Lodge Walleye Fishing Tournament on May 19th.  Event details are in this Hadji and all proceeds will support RUSH Nights to GROW Masonry in NW Ohio.

Special Thanks to John Mershon for all his help at putting this publication together.  He does a wonderful job.

Nobles at the last Stated meeting we witnessed Noble John Sponsler deliver a wonderful speech wasn’t he great?

Finally Nobles, Please join with me by visiting your Blue Lodge often this year.  I know we will be glad we did.

Our Attitude for Altitude campaign is well underway and I have a FIRST CLASS ticket for you.  I promise it will be a great ride so please get on board, sit down, buckle up and hang on.


Fraternally Yours,

Jeffery W. Hamons, Illustrious Potentate, Zenobia Shriners