Potes Notes – June 2012 – Illustrious Sir Hamons

Dear Nobles,

What a great start to spring with our Spring Ceremonial at Put-In-Bay on May 5th.  We witnessed an excellent ceremonial degree by our Dramatic Cast and took in five new Nobles.  Welcome New Nobles we are glad you joined us and we welcome you to an incredible organization.  Your journeys have just began and remember you get back what you put in and we hope you will visit our units and clubs and find a place to call home.  Please come to our Temple often and attend our monthly stated meetings.  We have a lot of fun and you get to meet a lot of Masons who are Shriners just like you.  We also invite all of you to parade with us as we would love to have you join us as we proudly parade as Shrine Masons.  Thanks to P.P. Jerry Argabrite and his team for a great meeting of the Ohio Shrine Association at PIB.

We had a nice time in Tiffin at Thirsty Thursday held at T.J. Willies.  We had many nobles attend from the Toledo area who drove down and several on motorcycles from the Motor Cycle Escorts.  A good time and great food was had by all and we especially enjoyed the ladies from the Ladies Oriental Shine who came out to be a part of this special event.

Many thanks go out to the brothers of Napoleon Lodge who cooked for us at the Blue Lodge RUSH Night steak dinner at Zenobia on April 20th.  We all enjoyed wonderful music by the Zenobia Brass Band and an incredible meal prepared and served by Napoleon Lodge.  Thanks to all who came out and we did receive some petitions that night and our Lodges are busy working these petitions.  The RUSH Nights have brought us many new Brothers and Nobles and we know many more men are soon to join our great Masonic Fraternity.  Ask someone to join you to a RUSH Night.

Nobles I want to thank all of you who helped with the Onion Sales this year.  Many hands make for light work and we sure saw how powerful we are when we all take a part and do a little as it really equals a lot.  Thanks for helping Zenobia raise some much needed funds.

Big 6 – Strategy 4 is our topic this month and that is Temple Management.  In support of Temple Management your Trustees and your Divan has been pretty busy talking to Kent Bueher of the Bueher Group in asking him to prepare a plan for the future expansion phase 1 of our building.  This past Stated meeting I presented a brief review of our current Temple and introduced everyone to the idea of expanding our current building by enclosing the current patio area.  Kent Bueher presented the work his firm did in creating a plan for us.  The presentation was well received and if we can raise the necessary funds in the future for our building fund we now have a very workable plan to expand our storage, meeting space and number of meeting rooms which would greatly enhance the usability of our building an make it more appealing to be rented for special occasions.  Zenobia has done yeoman’s work in moving from our older large and outdated building to our current LEED Certified energy efficient and affordable to operate building.  We have a much smaller building but we are utilizing every inch of it.  Let’s all work to raise some funds in the future so we can implement this plan.

This is the last Hadji until September so I wanted to say please come out and enjoy all our special events which get started with the Blue Lodge Walleye Fishing Tournament on May 19th on Lake Erie and then the Bobber Race June 9th and the Blue Lodge Shootout Golf Tournament on July 21st.  These events are all very important to our operations and Nobles please attend and help out as much as you can.  We need your help.

Plane Fun at Toledo Executive Airport is the place to go on June 16th and 17th.  We are parading and entertaining with our units and clubs.  The EAA is giving free Young Eagle airplane rides for kids.  Enjoy good food and fun and airplanes.  Come on out Nobles and have some fun with us.

Finally Nobles, Please join with me by visiting your Blue Lodge often this year.  I know we will be glad we did.

Our Attitude for Altitude campaign is well underway and I have a FIRST CLASS ticket for you.  I promise it will be a great ride so please get on board, sit down, buckle up and hang on.


Fraternally Yours,

Jeffery W. Hamons, Illustrious Potentate, Zenobia Shriners