Potes Notes December 2012 – Illustrious Sir Hamons

Dear Nobles,

Thanks to all who came out for Thirsty Thursday at Dales in Maumee.  We had a great crowd and a good time was had by all.

The energy and attendance at the Stated meeting in November was fantastic.  Thanks for coming out and for helping us to run our fraternity and our health care system.  We passed the bylaw update to Shriners International Iowa Corporation bylaws, we received donations of a lot of money to our health care system Shriners Hospitals for Children and we voted on many new Nobles who are interested in the great work we do and the fun we have as Shriners and they too want to be a part of us.

The GRAND MASTER’s theme this year is TOGETHER WE CAN!

November is always such a rewarding month in our fraternity.  Our friends at Lodge get elected and installed to new offices. We get to see another Scottish Rite Reunion and our friends working together to portray degrees.  The York Rite is back in full swing as well as Allied Masonic Degree Groups, Council, Commandary and of course the Shriners.  The more we work together the more we can and accomplish – Together we can.

Zenobia Ceremonial and parade this past Saturday November 17th was simply fantastic in every way.  We had perfect fall like weather near 50 degrees and no wind or precipitation of any kind.  I know personally that this is not always the case.

The Toledo Holiday Parade was extremely well attended by Shriners and the spectators lined the streets.  I am sure that a great time was had by all.  Special thanks to all the Shriner Clubs and Units that came out in full force to make it special.

What made the parade really nice this year were the 10 new Shriners riding together on the Directors Staff Truck.  That was the greatest site of the day.  Especially when everyone kept yelling up to them WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE SILLY HATS???

I want to personally welcome all our new Shriners to the world greatest Fraternity and Philanthropy.  I would also like to thank each and every Noble who came out to be a part and to do all the work that needed to be done to make the Old Fashioned Ceremonial such a wonderful success for all of us and especially for our new Nobles.

The Grand Master will be at Zenobia Temple on Friday November 30th as we honor him and his new Lodge Masters as they begin working in the New Year under the Grand Masters theme of Together We Can!  This is private by invitation event to all current Lodge Masters and their Ladies in the entire Zenobia jurisdiction.  The Zenobia Divan will be hosting, cooking, serving and cleaning up after this special catered Steak Dinner to honor hour guests.  Because at Zenobia we believe “TOGETHER WE CAN!”

Because at Zenobia we believe “TOGETHER WE CAN!” and for this reason we are asking all our brothers to support our Wild Game Dinner to support Membership initiatives for Blue Lodge Masonry.  The funds for this event pay for RUSH Nights and other programs that need financial support.  Donate items and come to the Blue Lodge Wild Game Dinner on January 25th see advertisement in this Masonic Bulletin and the Zenobia Hadji.

Shriners Village Nobles as it is your home for finding all the information available to you as a Shriner.  Http://www.shrinersvillage.com.  Click Register and set up your own personal account.

Also visit the http://www.ZenobiaShriners.com  website and the http://www.ZenobiaShrineCircus.com website.

Remember to visit http://www.shrinersinternational.org and http://www.shrinershospitalsforchildren.org

This year we have been focused on the BIG 6 Strategies and Shriners Journey to the future.  The Six Strategies are Membership, Communication, Leadership, Temple Management, Temple Activities and Philanthropy.  Your Divan is committed to these six strategies and will be working the rest of this year and into the next several years with many new and innovation programs that will tie Zenobia to the BIG 6 and from these4 initiatives we will assure our future success as a Temple and as a Health Care System supporting Care for Kids via the world’s Greatest Philanthropy Shriners Hospitals for Children.

We believe that our best days are still ahead and we will continue to modernize our Temple and it’s offering to make sure it is attractive and of interest to the next generations of men who we need to join us and help us with our mission. http://big6.shrinersvillage.com Click on the RED Dots and listen to the BIG 6 and Shriners Journey to the Future.

Who do you know that would make a Great Freemason or a Shriner?  Invite them to one of our upcoming events.

Nobles we have many great events in the near future.  Take a look at the calendar in this Hadji and join us you will be glad you did.

Finally Nobles, Remember it is time to get back to Blue Lodge and enjoy the benefits of your Lodge and our fraternity.

Our Attitude for Altitude campaign is well underway and I have a FIRST CLASS ticket for you.  I promise it will be a great ride so please get on board, sit down, buckle up and hang on.


Fraternally Yours,

Jeffery W. Hamons, Illustrious Potentate, Zenobia Shriners