Potes Notes February 2013 – Illustrious Sir Gable


I am honored to serve as your Potentate for 2013.  The great attendance at installation was an indication of your support for the year, and is greatly appreciated.  We have many activities and functions at Zenobia which will continue to make us a strong temple.  Thank you for all you do for our great fraternity.

The theme this year is “Prepared to Serve”.  There are innumerable ways in which one can serve.  Service provides an individual with great satisfaction and a positive reflection on who we are as Shriners.   As each of us considers methods of service, remember to promote Masonry and Shrinedom, build growth in our membership, recruit patients and support our hospitals, increase our visibility, and most importantly provide service to your God, family and community.  Each one of us should serve by doing our part in helping Zenobia grow.  Growth means increasing and retaining our membership, and several activities will assist in getting this done. It also encourages each of us to learn more about the Shrine through participation, and then involving others in our fun adventures. 

Your participation at the Orientation and Pote’s Reception reflect the beginning of a terrific year for Zenobia. Thank you to the A-Team and Fremont Shrine Club for a wonderful party.  It was an exemplary service to Zenobia.  The wonderful fellowship and support that was demonstrated will hopefully encourage you to be an active Shriner. Throughout the year there will be many more events for nobles and their ladies to enjoy.  Please participate in at least one more event than you did last year, and bring someone with you.  If you were helpful in bringing in a new noble in the past five years, is he attending any of our events?  If not, contact him and bring him and his lady to an event, get them to help at a fundraiser, or visit a unit/shrine club.  Often, it only takes an invitation to get someone involved, so ask.

The year is certainly off and rolling.  Besides the strong showing at the installation, orientation and reception, we had a truly wonderful night at the Wild Game Feed.  Gary Brown and his helpers provided an outstanding evening of great food, fun, action and an opportunity to return home with some wonderful ‘prizes’.  Thank you, Gary. This was a super event! 

More activities lie ahead.  The Super Bowl is more enjoyable to watch with friends. So, bring your friends to Millbury and watch the game with the Directors Staff on February 3rd (Tickets at the door).  Our next Rush Night is Friday, February 8th.  These events have been quite successful for recruiting.  If you have not been there, plan on attending one, and bring a potential candidate.  All non-Masons are free and nobles enjoy a great steak dinner for only $10!  Zenobia Breakfast will be on Saturday, February 9th.  See Norm Burrow for advance purchase of tickets for $5 or $6 at the door.  Bring the family, friends or neighbors for a good meal and fellowship.  The February Stated Meeting is on Valentine’s Day.  ALL Zenobia LADIES are invited to attend dinner together at the Maumee Elks. Then join the Nobles for dessert at 9 PM at Zenobia.  This is a chance for the ladies to socialize while the men have their meeting. Ladies, call Teri at Zenobia by February 7th to reserve a place.

‘Thank You’ goes out to anyone who has already helped Zenobia get off to such a great start this year.  Your service will make this year the best. 

Prepared to Serve,

Dennis Gable, Potentate

Zenobia Shriners


What better way to help Zenobia than to sell circus tickets at Zenobia Circus Office?  Nobles and ladies are encouraged to volunteer.  Training is provided.  Call to set up a time. The days you work will be on YOUR schedule.  From now until the circus, we need volunteers for any day of the week. One evening and Saturday will also be open. There are many opportunities which will fit into your schedule.