Potes Notes October 2013 – Illustrious Sir Gable

September was another great month to be a Shriner!  It was my pleasure to present to our members their 25, 50, and 60 year pins.  We had 24 recipients present for their 25-years pins and three for their 50th.  Congratulations to Barney Stickles who received his 60 year pin! What a great way to reopen the temple for our fall activities.

The summer parades have provided Zenobia with positive exposure in many communities.  This is a fantastic way to showcase the fun that Shriners have while also promoting our fraternity and philanthropy.  It is one of our best recruiting tools. So, a big ‘Thank You’ to those who parade for Zenobia!

Speaking of parades, what a super Zenobia turnout for the Clyde parade! There was a super Zenobia turn-out!  A good parade in the past became one of the best parades for Clyde. This was all because you were there for fun and to entertain.  Thank you for being “prepared to serve” and making a super showing!

As summer winds down, we are making plans for the winter.  The Gator Party in scheduled and ready for reservations.  I want to personally thank the Gator Party Committee chaired by Don and Shellie Falkenberg, with members Harold and Gloria Mucci, and Joe and Chris Vedra, all of whom have provided a terrific dinner and after-glo at Sahib Temple in Sarasota.  Because of their efforts, this party continues to grow in spirit and fellowship.  Thank you all! Make plans for the 2014 Gator Party on February 24th!

Check the calendar for the many events that will be happening.  Remember, on November 16th we will have our next “Old-Fashioned” Ceremonial.  Clubs and units should be getting plans together to have a ‘recruiting’ table, whether it is providing hand-outs, food or games to entice new members to join their group.  A meal will be served, time given for fellowship with new members and a unit parade will all occur besides the 1st and 2nd sections.  This will be the day of the Toledo Holiday Parade and each unit should plan on participating for the whole day.

Remember, a good way to recruit is to attend our RUSH events.  This year we have Rush Breakfast on October 12th and a Rush Night on November 8th (note date change).  These are great opportunities to bring Masons and non-Masons to hear about Blue Lodge, York and Scottish Rites, and the Shrine.  All non-Masons are free and ladies are welcome.  Make plans now to attend and bring prospective candidates.

Other events in October for ‘recruiting’ are Thirsty Thursday at Shell Shucker’s in Tiffin (Note location change).  Remember to have your lady attend the Ladies Style Show on Saturday, October 5th.  That evening is the Sportsmen’s Event sponsored by an outside group with proceeds to Zenobia. It is open to all men and women.  (See other Hadji articles for details.)  The regular Zenobia Family Breakfast is on Saturday, October 12th from 9-11 AM.  This will be the same date as the Rush Breakfast, whose program will be held in a separate room.  The Highlanders are holding their 50th year celebration the weekend of October 11-13th, at the Holiday Inn, Perrysburg.  The Pote’s Fall Foliage Trip departs on October 14th.  October 31st is the departure date for The Legion of Honor D.C. trip.

The Circus Committee is up and running.  Each club/unit needs to send a representative to the circus committee meetings on the third Wednesday of each month.  You can help best with the circus by knowing what is happening and is needed. A representative at each meeting will keep you informed and prepared to serve. Everyone contributes in a different way.  Be informed, be involved, be a part of the Zenobia Circus.