Potes Notes January 31, 2013 (End of Year) Illustrious Sir Gable

Potes’s Notes – Jan. 2014

Zenobia Shrine has been terrific in 2013 due to outstanding support from the Nobles.  Each Noble, his lady, family and friends, who supported any activity held through the Temple, has played a significant role in the success this year of the Zenobia Shriners.  Thank you for whatever part you played in being “prepared to serve”. 

It has been a pleasure to serve the membership of Zenobia on the Divan, and especially this year, as Potentate.  Your Divan has established good long term plans over the past few years and that direction will continue to get better in the coming years.  Continue to support your Board of Directors as they do what is best for Zenobia.  Best wishes to the newly elected officers who are anxious to continue to work for the members.

For all those Nobles and their Ladies who stepped up and served on one of the Potentate’s appointed positions, your help has been appreciated and made 2013 a successful and enjoyable year.  Thank you for all you have done.  Your time and efforts were appreciated and now you are relieved of your 2013 assignments.  Please consider assisting your new Potentate, Keith Tuttle and his Lady Kathy, if asked.

Lady Joan and I have truly enjoyed being able to serve Zenobia in 2013.  We have met many new friends, and became better acquainted with old friends.  We appreciate each of you for your support for us, Zenobia, our fraternity and the ‘world’s greatest philanthropy!”  You have made this year a memory filled with smiles.  We are grateful that you are always “prepared to serve”!  Our best wishes to you for good health and happiness.