Potes Notes for April 2014 Illustrious Sir Keith Tuttle

Spring Is Finally Springing!

Seems like we are finally going to be able to talk about wearing our short sleeve shirts again and start to plan parades at Zenobia, instead of worrying about how many miles in a level three snow emergency,  we had to travel to find rock salt and snow shovels!  I am going to have a real issue with the first guy who complains this summer how hot it is!

Thomas Edison once said “The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are first, hard work, second stick-to-itiveness; and third, common sense. “   Nothing could exemplify this more than the effort put forth for our 2014 circus.   From the first Circus Meeting last April up through the Saegate Foodbank Event to the last performance on Sunday Match 23rd.,   dozens and dozens of Zenobia Nobles,  have shown tremendous stick-to-itiveness and brutal hard work in making this year’s circus very, very successful.  None of this would have been possible without the leadership of our Circus Chairman, Past Potentate Dennis Gable,  and his entire Circus Committee , who continue to amaze me with their dedication to our Fraternity.  In the next Hadji I will list the names of the top five ad sellers as well as some special awards going out to those who went “above and beyond” in 2014. Thank you, Thank You Thank You again for a great effort in 2014.  Thanks for making the circus so much fun for som many families.

Although Lady Kathy and I attended many events during March, a special shout out goes to The Hillbillies for a great Chili Cook Off on March 10th.  I know with the snowstorm the night before, some were worried that nobody would show up.  It was no surprise to Lady Kathy and I when we used every table and every chair at Zenobia and we still had people waiting on seats.  Special thanks to Mike Ray for taking care of plowing the snow at the last minute and of course to Jimmy and Jenny Snetz for a great time.  Look for pictures of the chili cook off winners in this Hadji, it was a hoot!

Our Friendship Nights have been a tremendous success introducing   good men to Masonry and Good Masons to The Shrine.  Many thanks to The Lancers, who cooked and served steaks on February 21st. and to the Motorcycle Escort Unit for hosting  on March 14th.  The people’s choice award so far goes to Steve Robison for his culinary skills.  Must have been something he picked up in Vietnam during his days off from helicopter pilot duty.  Looking forward to another Friendship Night on April 25th.that is going to be hosted by The Roadrunners.  Bring a candidate and or another couple and The Steak Dinner for you and your guest or guests is free of charge. 

April 5th. is our Masonic One Day Class in Northwest,  Ohio.  I am pleased to say that your Divan has been working very hard in preparing to present the Fellowcraft Degree to the new Masons. Come on out to witness The District 11 event at Toledo Masonic Complex all day on April 5th.

April 19th. The Zenobia Divan and The Dendarah Ladies are teaming up to do an Easter Egg Hunt at our Shrine Temple from one to three in the afternoon.   All Masons and Shriners, and of course their families are invited.  Tom Binder, Rich Schroeder and their Dendara Counterparts have put a lot of work into this event so come out and join in the fun. 

I am so humbled to be your Potentate for 2014 and Kathy and I look forward to serving you during this year.  Think about joing us on our trip to Nashville over Memorial Day Weekend or on our Fall trip to Chicago, we promise you will have a great time.


Keith Tuttle


Zenobia Shriners