Potes Notes for May 2014 Illustrious Sir Keith Tuttle, Potentate

Dear Nobles of Zenobia:

The last month has been very rewarding for Lady Kathy and I and the schedule over the next month or two is even more crowded with great Zenobia Shrine Events.  Lots of parades coming up and we all know how much we like parades!

My heartfelt thanks to Illustrious Sir Dennis Gable, The Circus Committee and the many volunteers, who worked so hard to make the 2014 Zenobia Shrine Circus a tremendous success.  Some of the highlights are that we sold the most seats and had the highest gross sales of any circus since we moved to The Seagate Center.  I know I have said it before but if you missed volunteering for the circus, you missed a great time.

Lady Kathy and I along with Assistant Rabban (Most Worshipful) Charlie Murphy and his Lady Zoe, enjoyed traveling to Archbold, Ohio on March 28th for the 5th. District Grand Master’s Reception.  Working the room with somebody as well- known as Charlie Murphy is really a pleasure.  Charlie and Zoellen are great Ambassadors for Zenobia whenever they are out.

The next morning (March 29th.) we enjoyed pancakes with our Masonic Brothers at Northern Light, then at 11:00 attended the Dendarah Installation of Officers.  That night we again saw Grand Master Mick, this time at the 11th Masonic District, Grand Master’s Reception in Perrysburg.   Thanks to all of our Divan Members and their Ladies for being there that night and for the tremendous time and effort you are putting in this year at many different events, it is appreciated. 

I can’t say enough about how well the Friendship Nights are going at Zenobia.  Troy Hawkins is doing a great job facilitating these dinners and we are gaining members because of his and other’s efforts.  On April 25th. The Roadrunners will be hosting the next Friendship Night and on May 16th. The Findlay Clowns will be cooking and hosting Friendship Night.  If you know of a good man who would like an introduction to Masonry, or you know a good Mason possibly interested in becoming a Shriner, bring them to a Friendship Night and the dinner is on us!

On April 5th. The Zenobia Divan did a great job of presenting The Fellowcraft Degree during The Grand Master’s One Day Class.  I am so proud of the job we did and I appreciate Chief Rabban Joe Bublick taking the lead on this and keeping us all on task. Thanks also to Ty Stout and Max Sikorski for their parts in the degree.    

My thanks to Oriental Guide Tom Binder,  and 1st Ceremonial Master Rich Schroeder who along with ladies from The Dendarah Court put on a great Easter Egg Hunt at Zenobia on April 19th. …Great job everybody!

Our Shrine Ceremonial is May 31th following the Point Place parade…There is still time to get petitions in guys. 

Even though there are a boat load of other events planned, I will close this month’s column with words from Ruth Smeltzer.  These simple sentences remind me so much of the great work done by our own Roadrunners.

“You have not lived a perfect day, even though you have earned your money, unless you have done something for someone who will never be able to repay you. “


Thanks for all you are doing for Zenobia


Keith Tuttle


Zenobia Shriners