Potes Notes for June 2014 Illustrious Sir Keith Tuttle, Potentate

Lady Kathy and I have had a humbling last four weeks.  Our Shrine Parents, Jerry and Joyce Argabrite with the help of their committee and a host of others, did a magnificent job with our Potentate’s Ball.  From The A-Team,  led by Ty and Alisha Stout,  to the special appearance by Sonny and Cher, to the ladies choir, the entire evening was magnificent. The thank you list is so long that I am sure if I started to name everybody I would surely leave somebody out.  On a very personal note, my family being there to support me was deeply appreciated.  I know my Dad would have been there on the dance floor with my Mom if he was still with us to witness the big night.

I write about our Friendship Nights in almost every column and there is a good reason for this.  Quite a few of the prospective Nobles that are going through our Ceremonial at the end of May, were treated to a Friendship Night themselves.  If you have a prospective Mason or a Mason who wants more information about becoming a Shriner, please bring him  and his Lady to an upcoming Friendship Night.  The Findlay Clowns/Shrine Club will be hosting our next Friendship Night on May 16th. and The Northern Light Masonic Lodge will be hosting on June 14th.

It was great to see Illustrious Sir Bob Secoy,  and his Lady Sue at The Ohio Shrine Meetings in Dayton on May 2nd and May 3rd.  Even though Illustrious Sir Secoy is follicly challenged as I am right now, his sense of humor never left him.  We are so glad that our Past Potentate is on the mend!

Lady Kathy and I left Dayton early on May 3rd and traveled about six hours to The Mocha Potentate’s Ball in London, Ontario.  The Canadians really know how to put on a great party and we were honored to be able to attend the event with Illustrious Sir Mike Schnapp and his Lady Susan

Hopefully we will be completely done with another very successful onion sale by the time you are reading this.    I am so thankful for the many years of dedicated service by “Reverend Onion” Bob Papenfoos.  We miss you dearly Pappy and I know that you worked tirelessly for Zenobia for many years.  You were a good friend to all of us. 

While we all miss Pappy, the onions still need to be sold….I want to personally thank Past  Potentate Mike Schnapp for really stepping up and taking care of the Onion sale this year.  These are not easy shoes to fill and we are very thank full for your sacrifice Illustrious Sir. Thanks also to Pinky Traver for all of the help he provided in taking care of the onions.

I am pleased to announce that Dan Slavin has accepted the appointment as our Second Ceremonial Master.  Dan is a Twice Lodge Master and is deeply involved in Masonry in Northwest, Ohio.  Dan will make a great addition to The Zenobia Divan Line.

For those of you that read the Hadji but don’t attend our Stated Meeting , you probably don’t know our Treasurer,  Dave Coy.  Dave is a Full Time College Accounting Professor (Department Head) and still finds the time to meticulously keep the books for Zenobia Temple  Dave is also a proud Zenobia Highlander.  I am sure Noble Coy will be upset at me for mentioning his name here, as well as how fortunate we are to have him at Zenobia, but I don’t really care.  Thanks for your service Noble Coy.

 I will end this month’s column with a quote by Brother Henry Ford (a 33rd Degree Mason)   Enthusiasm is at the bottom of all progress.  With it there is accomplishment.  Without it there are only alibis.

See You at the Shrine Ceremonail on Saturday, May 31st!   Thank you for “Daring Greatly “ for Zenobia