Potes Notes for June, July & August 2014 Illustrious Sir Keith Tuttle

What an exciting summer it has been for Zenobia!  Lady Kathy and I and your entire Divan, have been extremely busy representing the Nobility at a number of events including parades nearly every weekend.  It has been my personal pleasure to be riding one of The” Little Red Cars” for the Lancers this summer,  when time allows.  Like our other  parade units, there is tremendous pride and professionalism (and  some great  fun) , in everything The Lancers do.

In Mid – June we were visited by Imperial Sir Jim Cain and Illustrious Sir Steve Schenk  for two days, kicking off our Pace Membership Program.  I deeply appreciate the time put in by our Divan, our Past Potentates, Unit and Shrine Club Leaders and many others, all day Friday and Saturday the 12th. and 13th  of June.  With the guidance of our Membership Team lead by Troy Hawkins, The Pace Program will be vital in increasing our membership and retention.  You will see various aspects of the program being rolled out over the next couple of months.

My personal thanks and congratulations to Illustrious Sir Mike Schnapp and Mike Shobe, Valley Secretary,  for their hard work in hosting a Scottish Rite/Shrine Night with The Toledo Mud Hens on June 14th.  Well over 100 Scottish Rite Masons,  and Shriner Masons  had a great evening followed by fireworks .  On the same weekend was Plane Fun at Toledo Executive Airport which highlighted our Pilots Unit and many of our parade units on Saturday and Sunday.  This was just a typical fun pack weekend this summer with multiple events planned!

There were a number of Divan Members and others who attended the Imperial Session in Minneapolis, July 5th.,  through the 10th.  The days were spent in Business Meetings learning more about our great Hospital System and our incredible fraternity.  The  parade in Minneapolis featured hundreds of Marching Units from all over the world and lasted over three hours.  My thanks to those who took time from their busy schedule to go to the Imperial Session.

The Summer Picnic which was organized by our 1st. Ceremonial Master Tom Binder and his Lady Chris was a great success.  Coinciding with the Picnic,   our Motorcycle Escort Unit concluded their Fun Run at Zenobia on the same afternoon.  Our patients and their families were able to see the incredible array of beautiful motorcycles,  and in some cases even  sit on them.  Thanks for a great time, Escort Unit!

Over one hundred fifty people attended the Fremont Shrine Club Steak and Corn Roast on August the 6th.  Tremendous team work by Ty and Alisha Stout,  and their hard working group, who worked hard putting on a great event for everybody.  We were honored to be with so many of our best friends including so many Past Potentates.  Special guests included Karen Turner, Carolyn Young,  Jane Papenfuss,   and  long- time Shriners John Brenner and Bob Reitzel and their ladies.

As part of our Pace Membership Program The Zenobia Divan will do our first Meet and Greet Town Hall Meeting in Findlay on September 16th. at The Findlay Clown Building In Findlay.  The address is 1525 Payne Ave. in Findlay.  This is a great opportunity to meet your Divan, have a great dinner and enjoy a fun night of fellowship.  Please call Chuck Insley, Keith Tuttle or Dick Fries for details and reservations.

Mark Twain was quoted as saying “Necessity is the mother of taking chances”  Thanks to all of you for really going the extra mile and “Daring Greatly” to help our great Fraternity.


Fraternally Yours


Keith Tuttle