Potes Notes November 2018

Potentates Notes – Thomas W Binder

November 2018

Greeting Nobles!

Here’s to hoping all had a great time at the Fall Ceremonial!  The Divan went to extreme efforts to make this memorable for all. Clubs and Units play an integral part in generating excitement.  The Spring Ceremonial had over 200+ Shriners witness our new Nobles being initiated. It was impressive. There’s no reason it cannot happen again.

Many events have taken place since my last dialogue with the membership.  GLSA was held in Grand Rapids, Michigan this year. It was great to see our Imperial Potentate, Sir Jim Cain and his Lady Patsy, again. We also got to see Imperial Assistant Rabban Sir Jim Smith and his Lady Alice, Imperial High Priest and Prophet Sir Bill Bailey and his Lady Debbie, and Imperial Captain of the Guard Sir Larry Leib and his Lady Debbie.

A tradition dating back 40+ years that occurs as GLSA, is that the Zenobia Divan decorates the Potentates room while him and his Lady are at their counterpart’s dinner. The theme is whatever the Divan comes up with but is usually based on information they’ve gathered while going through the Divan line. Lady Chris and I were entertained to our room being strewn with prescription vials (Lady Chris is a pharmacist), balloons, socks, desserts, and coffee. The Potentate loves coffee and desserts. Socks is another issue. Still finding socks and prescription bottles now. Drank the coffee and ate the desserts.

The 2nd Annual Sportsmen Extravaganza was a huge success.  Final numbers are being calculated.  Attendance was up over last year so the side raffles by Units, Masonic Lodges, and outside vendors benefited. The revised layout of the convention center for this fundraiser made a difference.  Thank You to the Sportsmen Extravaganza committee for their efforts and to all volunteers and participants.

The Divan Ladies Style Show was the following weekend and was successful. If your lady was not an attendee at this event, please make this a “Can’t Miss” calendar item for next year. Their attention to detail makes this an ‘Elegant” event. The Divan Ladies play a very important role at Zenobia and keep the Board Members on game and focused. Frankly, much of what you see at our Shrine events would not happen without them.

Safe Halloween was October 28th at the Shrine. Last year’s event had a large turnout. This years should be no different. Units, Clubs, and Masonic lodges participating make this a huge success.  Thanks to all volunteers for their efforts.

Shriners Hospitals for Children Chicago visited the University of Findlay October 18th and 19th.  This has been an annual event started five years ago.  The Chicago Shrine Hospital Staff hosts a seminar in conjunction with the school’s medical program and students are encouraged to attend. Topics revolved around the orthopaedic advancements and treatments used in our Shrine Hospitals.

Zenobia was tasked to support a fundraiser for our Shrine Hospitals at the recent Lynyrd Skynyrd Show at the Huntington Center in Toledo. Shriners engaged the concert attendees and sold Lynyrd Skynyrd CDs with a chance to win a Lynyrd Skynyrd autographed guitar. On short notice, Zenobia had 30 Shriners and their ladies work through the crowds.  Attendees were glad to donate. Thanks to all that participated.

Be safe in your travels and we will see you at our upcoming events.



Thomas Binder
Zenobia Shriners