Potentate’s Note January 2020

Greetings Nobles,
As the old crooner once sang, “And now the time has come for me
to face the final curtain.” As 2019 draws to a close, I want to express
to all of you my deepest appreciation for your support and my earnest
commendation for a job well done. It has been an honor and a privilege
to serve as your Potentate. The success we enjoy is a direct reflection
of your efforts. All of us pulling together has allowed us to
celebrate our success and friendships.
Lady Cindy and I want you to know how it has filled our hearts
with love and joy to serve you this past year. We have formed friendships
throughout Zenobia and the world that will last us a lifetime.
It is an experience that only one person per year can enjoy.
Lady Cindy and I will be forever grateful to Illustrious Sir Keith
Tuttle and Lady Kathy for their vote of confidence for this opportunity
to lead this great fraternity in 2019. To the membership thank
you for carrying us on your shoulders these past six years as a member
of the Divan and as your Potentate. We will remember you all in
love and friendship for the remainder of our lives. We have had the
greatest support from members of the Divan and their ladies throughout
the year and will deeply miss our time together. Zenobia is blessed
to have a Divan that works together in all that we do. It is because of
Shriners Hospitals that we continue to succeed. Zenobia members
and their families are truly dedicated to our cause: “The Children.”
I would personally like to thank Lady Cindy for her love and support
during these past six years as we made this journey together.
This journey truly could not have not been possible without your
support. Thank you!
Thanks to all the Shrine units and clubs for their support and courtesies
that were extended to us throughout this year. Special recognition
goes out to those individuals and groups who agreed to serve
in 2019 in these important positions: Chief Aide John Hoffman, Lady
Robin and the A-Team, Chief Ambassador Chuck Insley and Ambassadors,
Director of Units Ken Janicki, unit and club presidents,
Circus Director Dennis Gable, and chairmen and vice chairmen of
various committees. I truly appreciate all your hard work and dedication
that made this year a success.
Memberships is the life blood of any temple and I am truly proud
to announce that we finished 2019 with 30 new Shriners in our fraternity.
I would like to thank Noble Troy Hawkins, Noble Steve
Hessler and you the members of Zenobia for your continuous efforts
to seek out good men that make this fraternity great and will take us
well into the future.
Finally Nobles, I have one last request—please support our Potentate-
Elect Noble Boyd Durain and Lady Georgia, as they embark
on a new journey to improve our temple, support our members and
improve the lives of the children we serve at our Shrine Hospitals.
Remember, “in unity there is strength – Together We Can.”