Potentate’s Note February 2020

Nobles, Ladies and Friends, It is an incredible honor and privilege to have been elected to serve as Potentate for Zenobia Shrine for 2020. I am extremely humbled by the opportunity and thank you for your trust and confidence. We are all volunteers and we are here to have fun and do good work for the Shriners Hospitals for Children. My Lady and I strongly believe that if you and your family get involved this year you will have fun and create a lot of great memories.

Our motto this year is “Lighting the Way…” As you can see, the motto is kind of “open ended.” This was done on purpose, as Masons and Shriners light the way in a lot of different ways. Zenobia is a place for Masons to have fun with their families while helping the kids. The logo is the lighthouse (with Masonic emblem on the side) shining the light on the scimitar. Dedication to both the craft of Freemasonry and to Zenobia Shrine is a shining example of what can be done to make this world a better place, and to “make good men better.”

Our #1 priority this year is membership. We are losing far too many Nobles to the black camel than we are replacing. I am asking every one of us to commit to bringing in one new Noble this year to the Shrine. Go to your stated meetings at your lodge. Invite them to some of our social events. We have three more friendship nights scheduled throughout the year. Our first friendship night went well with around 50 people in attendance, and of those 50 people, there were 11 non-Mason/Shriners and most left with a petition to a lodge or Zenobia Shrine. Our membership chairman and his committee did a wonderful job and the members who brought prospects are to be commended. Keep up the good work!

Our #2 priority this year is having fun while helping kids. This year, my Lady and I are going to “dial it back” a bit and not focus so much on pomp and circumstance and focus on fellowship and great times with even better friends. My Lady grew up in a Masonic/Shrine home, so doing “all things Shrine” is kind of a way of life for her, so she is planning to have the ladies join the men for dinner on stated meeting night in March, June and September, with entertainment, while the men have their meeting. The Circus is coming up March 19-22, and there are several places for people to volunteer their time. This is still our biggest fund-raiser of the year, so please encourage people to come and buy tickets.

By the time you read this, we are hoping to have given you a calendar and pin or placed them in the mail to you. This year, EVERY Noble of Zenobia will receive a calendar book and pin. Please look through the calendar and “Save the Date” for the events that sound interesting to you. We have noticed some errors in the book, but will be putting out a list of corrections soon. Some of OUR important dates for the year are: Spring Ceremonial, April 18, at Zenobia; May 2, Potentate’s Party at Park Inn, Toledo; June 5-7, Potentate’s trip to Erie for the Hospital open house, and Fall Ceremonial, November 14.