Potentate’s Notes October 2020

Greetings Nobles!

It does not seem possible, but another month has come and gone. This COVID “thing” has definitely made for some “creative thinking” for us and everyone else in this great fraternity.

Zenobia has been fortunate in the fact that we have been able to have some events where other Shrines have not been that lucky. That being said, in the last month we have been able to have the Divan Ladies Murder/Mystery dinner theater, which everyone who was able to attend had a great time at, and the Potentate’s Party, where we had a great turn out including Divan representation from Tebala Shrine. (Thank you, Matt and Stephanie, for attending!) There are pictures in this edition of both events. If you missed them, you missed a wonderful time but do not worry, there are still a few events left for the year and hopefully you can attend one of those. We would just like to say thank you to an anonymous Noble who comes in and completely sanitizes the entire building before our events and all meetings.

The Sportsmen’s Extravaganza is coming up on Saturday, October 3, and will still go on, just in a modified version. ALL prizes will be drawn as usual, it will just be done virtually from Zenobia with the Sportsmen’s committee and Divan being present to witness the drawings. The exact broadcast format is still being worked out, so stay tuned to the Zenobia Facebook page, shrinesportsmen.com and Zenboiashriners.com for more information. The Safe Halloween for kids has been cancelled, due to the COVID restrictions, but the adult costume party is still taking place on Saturday, October 24, and you can contact Noble Scott Harder (419-344-0348) for tickets and info.

We are still planning on doing a full Fall Ceremonial (pending COVID restrictions) on Saturday, November 14. Lodges are getting back to regular meetings after the summer break, so talk to your brothers about how much fun being a Shriner is. Let the guys that just came through the One Day class know about Shriners and what we do for the kids.

Lastly, please make sure you have paid your dues. I have reviewed the list and am sure that with all the chaos that is COVID, it has been an oversight for a few of you. If you are having financial hardship right now, please contact the office so we can work something out.

I look forward to seeing you soon.