Potentate’s Notes November 2020

Greetings Nobles!

Time is sure flying by faster than ever. By the time you get this, Thanksgiving will be right around the corner. We have had some fun events over the last 30 days.

First off, I would like to personally thank Ben Crowley, Teri, our Noble Recorder Dick Fries, Eric Anderson and the rest of the Sportsmen’s Extravaganza committee for the fantastic job they did on the Extravaganza this year with all of the COVID-19 restrictions they had to work around, including having the drawing on a YouTube live stream instead of in-person. It was a huge success with hundreds of viewers watching the event as it happened. Tickets for 2021 went on sale the Monday after this year’s drawing, and starting in January, there will be early bird drawings every month for $25 and $50 prizes.

Exciting news! The Circus HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED for March 18-21, 2021. Circus ads are being sold as usual, so please contact the office to get your ad packets. The Circus Director, Denny Gable, is excited to get back into the Circus swing and we are all looking forward to him giving us updates at the stated meetings.

The inaugural adult Halloween party is fast approaching, and we are looking forward to having some fun and seeing how creative people can be with their costumes. The Friendship Night is still being scheduled for Friday, October 30, if we have some interest and the meal will be prepared by Zenobia’s newest unit, the Pit Masters. The Fall Ceremonial is still being planned for Saturday November 14. There is still time to get your reservation in to the office, and ladies are encouraged to attend.

It is hard to believe that it almost the end of the year already. We were not able to do a lot of the things that were planned for this year, but I am sure that next year’s Potentate will have a fun-filled and exciting year for Zenobia.

Finally, we have lost quite a few Nobles to the Black Camel this year, so if you know someone who would be a good Shriner, please speak to them, always have petitions ready for handing out, and bring them to an event at Zenobia.