Potentate’s Notes December 2020

Greetings Nobles,

I am completely astounded by the fact that I am already writing the December Pote’s notes. Once again, I was looking forward to putting out a fun-filled letter talking about all of the fun we had over the last month, with the events we had planned and the Ceremonial bringing in new Nobles. Once again, I am writing a letter of things that did not happen.

This year has been extremely trying, both on your Divan members, clubs and units, and Nobles all for the fact of the continuing cancellations of fun and exciting events. If you want to look at the year in review of events, the list of ones that we had is extremely short and the list of cancelled events, activities and trips is overwhelmingly long.

My hat’s off to everyone for being understanding, remaining flexible with their schedules and tolerant of last-minute decisions. This whole year has been a balancing act of trying to remain active, fun and social, all while trying to be safe.

It was with a heavy heart that we had to cancel the Badge Appreciation Night, so if you know of someone who is an essential worker, especially the front line workers who are family or friends of Nobles, please give them a Shriners thank you.

Looking forward to the month of December, we will not be having the Children’s Christmas Party over concerns of keeping social distancing and safety of participants with the drastic rise of cases recently. Our next stated meeting will be the election of officers, so be prepared to show your dues cards with current year’s stickers.

As a point of personal privilege, I would like to thank those who took time out of their lives this year to give me phone calls, letters or cards just saying “hi” and well wishes through a trying year. I, along with everybody else, am anxiously looking forward to next year’s events and activities and putting 2020, the year of COVID-19 behind us.