Potentate’s Notes January 2021

Greetings Nobles!

By the time you read this, installation of officers will have already happened, which means you have a new Potentate and 2020 is a thing of the past. Looking forward into 2021, the hope is to be able to have more social events and get back to the comradery that we all miss and love. We recently had an organizational meeting with the Divan and A-team for this coming year, and I am looking forward to all the exciting events Noble Demarest has planned.

Our #1 priority for this year was membership. Our Spring Ceremonial was a success, considering the HUGE modifications we had to work around with COVID-19. We were still able to bring in more than a half a dozen new Nobles with their ladies in attendance. One of the new ideas we had this year was to have the ladies join us for dinner on a stated meeting night and we had about 20 ladies here for our March meeting. The ladies made sand art candle holders and had a great time, while the Nobles conducted business. They were looking forward to the next ladies’ night, but COVID-19 had other ideas.

Our next big event should have been Ohio Shrine Association, but that got postponed until August and Imperial Session was modified to a virtual meeting, which the Divan met at Zenobia and attended via Zoom. When Ohio Shrine Association met, it was announced that Zenobia was a leading Shrine in Ohio for the activities we DID have and one of the leading Shrines in the nation. According to Imperial Sir Larry Lieb, who participated in the Findlay Clown golf outing, we were one of the first Shrines to hold an event after the COVID-19 shutdown.

The Sportsmen’s Extravaganza also was a HUGE success, considering we had to hold it virtually. My “fez” is off to the committee who had to deal with constant changes, as well as all the Nobles of Zenobia who stepped up and sold tickets right up to the time of the drawings. It was due to the hard work of you all that we were able to come out ahead.

Our #2 priority this year was to have fun while helping the kids. Zenobia’s annual golf outing was a HUGE success this year, under the leadership of Noble John Hoffman. He poured his heart and soul into it and because of his hard work, we had the most hole sponsors we have ever had at 40 and 70 golfers. John’s efforts made it possible for Zenobia to send sizeable donations to each of the three hospitals we support in our area.

The Divan ladies’ fundraiser this year was a Murder Mystery dinner theater. We were able to hold the event, while social distancing, and all who attended had an AMAZING time. We were able to reschedule a modified version of the Potentate’s party, which was held at Zenobia. The S.S. Zenobia cruised its way through COVID-19 and all who attended had a spectacular time.

The last event we had was the adult Halloween party. Those who attended had a great time. We would like to take this opportunity to let you all know that social distancing did take place during the party. The pictures in the December Hadji were of couples from the same household and they were not around anyone else at the time the picture was taken, and their masks were removed so they could be identified. Safety is, and always will be of the utmost concern at Zenobia.

In closing, I would like to say that it has been an incredible honor and privilege to have served as Potentate for Zenobia Shrine for 2020. I am extremely humbled by the opportunity and thank you for the overwhelming support and words of encouragement my lady and I have received. I look forward to seeing everybody at meetings and events in the upcoming year.