Potentate’s Notes March 2021

Welcome to the 13 new Nobles of Zenobia Shrine we initiated on January 14 and 23, courtesy of our Dramatic Cast, Divan and all of you who recommended these fine new Nobles. Thank you to all of you who came out to support these new Nobles and your Dramatic Cast. Because of your support and the Divan ladies, these new Nobles expressed interest in several units and clubs already. Thanks to some great organization and innovation we have a very effective and efficient way to initiate new Nobles. Please take a petition or two and talk about our Shrine activities at your home lodge. We will be having a Friendship Night Friday, April 16, but if there are enough new candidates we can hold another ceremonial soon.

If you have a chance, check out the Shrine calendar and the unit and club write ups within. This will give you a basic idea of what each of our different organizations can offer potential Shriners, neighbors and family. In January we focused on the Wise Guys and had a very enjoyable event with several new Nobles becoming Wise Guys. In February we focused on the Pilots and in March we are going to be focusing on the Pit Masters. We hope you have a chance to come out to their meeting or the meat raffle on Saturday, March 13, at 4 p.m.

Speaking of activities, we had an amazing time at the Valentine’s dance that Noble Harder and the committee organized. We hope you can come out to any of our other activities later this year. Coming up next is the inaugural meat raffle event. Tickets to get in are $10 and each raffle ticket is $1 for the prizes. You can buy as many tickets for each raffle as you would like. Please bring a cooler for all of your winnings and any adult beverages above the beer and soda present.

Focusing on our family activities this month, we will be having the Children’s Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, March 28, at 1 p.m. Please bring your family and friends to this activity and enjoy the festivities. The children always love coming to this and we organize the event by age ranges, so everyone has fun. All are welcome, so please tell your friends and family to come on out.

Nobles, our fundraising was severely curtailed last year and we really need to have success in this year’s events. Please send any remaining Circus ads into the office and Terry as soon as possible. We will be having a Circus this year and need our 2021 Circus book to be a success. We also are doing the early bird drawings for the Sportsmen’s Extravaganza, and have drawn January’s and February’s winners already. Please grab a few books of tickets and sell them to those you know. We are looking forward to a stellar eventthis year and look forward to the units and clubs getting to be active in the event this year.

We hope we see you at our stated meetings this year. We intend to focus on the fun aspect of our get-togethers. Come have fun and bring a Noble you might know who could use a reason to smile and enjoy our company.