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Potes Notes May 2013 – Illustrious Sir Gable

Wow! What a great time at a terrific Potentate’s Ball.  It was so enjoyable to spend an entertaining evening with Nobles, friends and family.  My Lady Joan and I give a BIG thank you to those who came to the Potentate’s Ball and made it such a great time.  Our sincerest appreciation goes out to […]

Potes Notes March 2013 – Illustrious Sir Gable

2013 is certainly off to a smooth running start.  January is behind us and February has come to a close.  In that short time, Zenobia has held many successful activities.  Thank you to all who have been attending these super events, whether one time or every time.  The success of Zenobia depends on having active […]

Potes Notes December 2012 – Illustrious Sir Hamons

Dear Nobles, Thanks to all who came out for Thirsty Thursday at Dales in Maumee.  We had a great crowd and a good time was had by all. The energy and attendance at the Stated meeting in November was fantastic.  Thanks for coming out and for helping us to run our fraternity and our health […]

Potes Notes – October 2012 – Illustrious Sir Hamons

Dear Nobles, What a great time we recently had when several Divan members and I visited the Firelands Steak Dinner at Herm McCreary’s house.  They had a great turnout and we had fun telling a few jokes and eating some great steaks.  We all shared thoughts on what we could do to improve Membership within […]

Potes Notes – September 2012 – Illustrious Sir Hamons

Dear Nobles, What a great summer it has been to be a Zenobia Shriner.  We have paraded, visited hospitals, had picnics, visited with local patients, raised funds for our fraternity, transported kids for treatments, we raced Bobbers down a river,  raised funds for Shiners Hospitals for Children, went fishing, had a corn roast, went flying, […]

Potes Notes – June 2012 – Illustrious Sir Hamons

Dear Nobles, What a great start to spring with our Spring Ceremonial at Put-In-Bay on May 5th.  We witnessed an excellent ceremonial degree by our Dramatic Cast and took in five new Nobles.  Welcome New Nobles we are glad you joined us and we welcome you to an incredible organization.  Your journeys have just began […]

Potes Notes – May 2012 – Illustrious Sir Hamons

Dear Nobles, The most recent weeks have been packed with activities.  We often describe the Shrine as the private fraternity for Master Masons.  We can easily see how this describes us well.  Let’s look at what we have been doing.  First we learn from our Masonic teachings that we need to be solid upright and […]