Potes Notes May 2013 – Illustrious Sir Gable

Wow! What a great time at a terrific Potentate’s Ball.  It was so enjoyable to spend an entertaining evening with Nobles, friends and family.  My Lady Joan and I give a BIG thank you to those who came to the Potentate’s Ball and made it such a great time.  Our sincerest appreciation goes out to Ill. Sir Carl Eakes and his Lady Clarice, along with their committee, for putting together a wonderful event.  Also, thanks to the Fremont Shrine Club for donations to the Ball and a generous donation to the Endowment Fund in my name.  What an outstanding gift!   Again, “Thank you” to all!

A successful circus is behind us and now the ONIONS are here.  Zenobia will be receiving more onions than in the past, so anyone can still sell and earn additional funds for your group. It has been impressive to know about units and clubs who are pushing themselves to sell more onions.  Your effort in supporting the sale of onions is really appreciated.  You are “Prepared to Serve”! Great job!

On May 11th, Zenobia has the opportunity to increase our membership.  The Grand Master’s One-Day Class will be held at the Stranahan, followed by the 4th Degree from Scottish Rite.  Our highlight of the day is the Zenobia Ceremonial where many new nobles will be joining our fraternity.  See other articles in this paper to learn about the schedule and unit/club displays at the One-Day Class.

What really is needed is YOU!  Your presence to support our brother Masons in their degree work is rewarding to you and each of them.  Feel the pride by being present for our Ceremonial.  New candidates want to see that the organization they just joined consists of members who participate and support each other.  Support the candidates and the Dramatic Cast.  Then, come to the June Stated Meeting, interact with the new members, and welcome them with a “second section”.  During the June meeting, Zenobia ladies are welcome to join the ladies of the new nobles at the French Quarter.  The ladies will dine, learn about Shrine, our philanthropy and ways to support and join in their new noble’s activities.

Remember, the easiest way to get a new member to a join your unit/club is to ASK THEM.  Join in Zenobia activities and be “Prepared to Serve” with the nobles of Zenobia for fun and fellowship.

Potes Notes April 2013 – Illustrious Sir Gable

It is so great to be a Shriner – helping kids in so many ways, and having lots of fun doing it!  Be proud and shine for all you do.

The circus was a hit!  The circus was fun and exciting, but the real thrill was watching the children laugh, smile and bounce in their seats.  This is the best family friendly event held in northwest Ohio.  Without the help of so many, this would not have been such a success. It is impossible to name all the nobles and their ladies who helped in so many ways to make this circus. So, THANK YOU TO ALL.

I do have to mention a few people who have spent a lot of time throughout the year promoting the circus.  Thanks to Bob Secoy, PP, who has been our Circus Director and keeps the day-to-day operations of the circus in check;  Fred Emmett for spending countless hours, not only promoting the circus, but selling tickets at Zenobia;  Keith Tuttle, CR, who was constantly working on ways to bring more people into the performances.  Also, for all the chairmen who handled the many ‘subcommittees’, the ad sellers, and to Teri for being the glue that held us all together, ‘thank you’.  To all the nobles of Zenobia I say “A job well done!”

Now our focus is on those ONIONS!  Give your support to Rev. Onion, turn in your orders, reserve your selling spot, and sell, Sell, SELL!

Nobles of units and shrine clubs, before you can parade in the name of Zenobia, be sure to get your list of parades into the temple for approval first.  Also, if your unit/shrine club is planning a meeting as a Divan visit, please inform the Potentate in writing.  This is needed at least two full months prior to the event in order to get it on the Divan schedule.  Please do not rely on “we always hold it then, so they know” since each year the Divan is under “new management” and some things are not retained.  The Divan would enjoy visiting your meeting/event, but need to know ahead.  It would be appreciated.

Last month it was announced that the Bobber Race was back on, and we were excited.  But now I must tell you that it is off.  This has happened because of a medical issue with the sponsor, but is still something they want to do for us.  Because of uncertainty, we will move this event to 2014, and add a new event in the Fall of 2013 as a Zenobia fundraiser.  Also, the Fire Fighters Recognition program in April, has been postponed and will be rescheduled for later in the year.

Our first ceremonial of 2013 will be held following the Grand Master’s Class on May 11th.  The Dramatic Cast will be conducting the 1st Section and we, as Nobles, need to be in the audience to support them and our NEW NOBLES.  Then, at the June Stated Meeting, we will be holding the 2nd section.  Also, the new Shriner ladies will be invited that night to a dinner and program about what we do and how they can be involved with their new Shriner. Plan your calendar to be present for both. Bring those Masons to Shrine events and get them on petitions.  They will be glad you did.  Also, the new Shriners’ ladies will be invited.

Hope to see you all at the Potentate’s Ball on April 13 and/or the breakfast on the 14th.  It would be great to have you present at these fun events.

Thank you again for all you do in being Prepared to Serve.

Potes Notes March 2013 – Illustrious Sir Gable

2013 is certainly off to a smooth running start.  January is behind us and February has come to a close.  In that short time, Zenobia has held many successful activities.  Thank you to all who have been attending these super events, whether one time or every time.  The success of Zenobia depends on having active members.  Many nobles attend and support their units and Shrine Clubs, and this is terrific.  Participation in Zenobia events is an exciting way to serve your Temple.  It is also a terrific way to expand your social life with people that share the same values and interests.  You are charged to find one new temple event that you have not participated in during the last 3 years and give it a try.  You will be glad you did.

A special thank you goes out to the ladies who enjoyed dinner and were present for dessert following the February Stated meeting.  Your attendance was greatly appreciated by the nobles.  Many Zenobia activities include the ladies. It will be nice to see each of you at other Zenobia events.

Throughout the Hadji are articles about the many upcoming events at Zenobia.  Take the time to read about these events and schedule Shrine activities in your calendar. These will help you prepare to serve your Temple through participation.

March is an exciting month with our BIG fundraiser- THE CIRCUS!  Do everything you can to make it a great success.  Under the direction of Circus Director Ill. Sir Bob Secoy, P.P., and the many members of the circus committee, the circus WILL be another great event.  Many improvements have been made to the circus in order to draw in more attendees.  Get your tickets now and bring the family for a fun day at the Shrine Circus!

“Prepared to Serve” means stepping up to assist, even when not asked.  It pleases me to report that a few determined nobles have stepped up and taken on the challenge of keeping the Bobber Race going.  Now it is up to each noble to serve by providing quality items for the auction, volunteering to assist with the fundraiser and SELLING TICKETS.

Zenobia continues to move in the right direction. We are good and getting better. Your participation and service will boost us towards being great.  It is now up to you.  Are you Prepared to Serve?

Dennis Gable, Potentate

P.S. On a personal note, Joan and I say ‘Thank You’ to all of you who have thought of us during this time of loss of Joan’s dad, Cal Smith, a 50 year member of Zenobia. Cal is the reason I became a Mason.  Your prayers, calls and attendance at the memorial service meant a great deal to us and Joan’s mother and family.  The Masonic family has been a pillar of strength during this time.  We are blessed.