Potentate’s Notes October 2021

It was great seeing everyone at our stated meeting in Sep­tember. We enjoyed the food the A-team prepared and dis­cussed a lot of great opportunities our Shrine has available in the coming months, including partnering with the Grand Lodge of Ohio for some updated membership sharing. We also had a great report by Robin Hoffman and the family of John Hoffman, our first chairman of the now named John Hoffman Memorial Golf Outing. We raised a lot of money for our char­ities and connected with the community in a meaningful way. Everyone who attended had Fun. The Family of John Hoffman and Tim Martin (our other outing chair) helped organize and make it successful, and our Fraternity benefited with the Fel­lowship we enjoyed. This has become a great tradition for our Shrine.

Sooey! Sooey! Sooey! Well, we didn’t actually hear that during the Divan Ladies pig roast, but the call was heard and attendance was great. Families had fun, the pig races were a hit, and the funds raised for the Shriners Children’s Wish List exceeded all expectations. The event was open to the public and we will likely be seeing two new Masons and Shriners soon, due to the fun and family involved.

Our Sportsmen’s Extravaganza is proceeding wonderfully, thanks to all of your support and the leadership of Ben Cro­ley, our chairman of the event. By the time you read this, our volunteers will be taking a deserved nap and Ben will be fi­nalizing this year’s results. Ben will be retiring from leading the gun raffle after this year, so please thank him for the five years of success our Shrine has enjoyed. If you are interested in taking a bigger part in leading our Sportsmen’s Extrava­ganza, please talk with the Divan who will be happy to assist you.

We will be promoting our Friendship Night at the Sports­men’s Extravaganza. We moved the Friendship Night up to Fri­day, October 8, from October 15. Please bring your friends and family to our Friendship Night to meet with our Masonic and Shrine potential candidates. The event is open to both candi­dates and their partners (wives, girlfriends, friends, partners, etc.) so please reserve your seats with the office. A month later on Saturday, November 13, we will be having our Ceremonial. The degree will start at 3 p.m., with a lunch ahead of time. Please get your petitions in ahead of time, so we can plan our activities accordingly. We apologize for the date changes, how­ever changes were necessitated, so please note Friday, October 8, is the Friendship Night and Saturday, November 13, is the Ceremonial.

A big thank you to those that volunteered to sell CDs at the Breaking Benjamin concert at the last moment. Your efforts raised $6,840 for the Shriners Children, with the sale of 342 CDs. While it was short notice, you all came through. Later this month we will be having our Children’s Halloween Trunk or Treat, so please bring out your table, costumes and candy for a great time and a way to get our community involved.

Our biggest community involvement is November 18 to 21, for the Zenobia Circus at Seagate. As soon as the Sportsmen’s Extravaganza is over, please sign up for volunteering for the circus. We need your help to sell tickets, so please get the word out that the circus is on and there will be great acts including TIGERS!!! Thank you all for being the ambassadors we need for the world’s greatest philanthropy (Shriners) and fraternity (Masonry).