Potentate’s Notes December 2021

Thank you all for an amazing year! As we wrap up our major activities for the year, I have to say it has been wonderful, ex­hausting and worth it. I have become better friends with many of you, and learned more about what our members want from their Shrine. We have an inclusive, fun and innovative Shrine that cher­ishes it’s history and welcomes new ideas and opportunities.

A big thank you to Mike and Pam Ray, who headed up our Children’s Christmas Party. As always, they made it a great suc­cess and our surprise Santa was a big hit. Thank you to all the units and clubs that contributed to make that happen.

Our circus also finished up late last month and it was wonder­ful to see all the smiling faces again. A big thank you to all the volunteers who filled the gaps and made this a success. Thank you to our Circus Director, Illustrious Denny Gable, and the com­mittee that organizes all of this. We could not do it without all of you. Everyone from our Clowns to the Dramatic Cast made the event a success.

Our Membership Director Steve Hessler, our amazing Dra­matic Cast, my wonderful wife, Heather, and all of you who rec­ommended the candidates who came to the fall ceremonial represented our Shrine well. I can’t thank enough of you for the programs, events and ritual you put on November 13, for the cer­emonial. Pit Masters, thank you for lunch. Noble Hessler and Heather, thank you for contacting each candidate and getting them there. Dramatic Cast, the members of attending lodges were so impressed that there was no prompting and the program flowed. Dick Fries, thank you for setting up, organizing and help­ing our candidates during the lunch and afterwards. Heather, thank you for contacting the candidates’ families, creating the passport and providing an outstanding ladies program. Nobles of the units and clubs who came out to help with candidate contact, thank you for being great ambassadors for our Shrine. Our Shrine Family is exactly that, a Family, and a place where we can gather to enjoy each other and our loved ones.

Please come out to our stated annual meeting and vote for our upcoming Divan next year. Your Divan board is an outstanding group of hardworking Nobles who put their heart and sweat into making your Shrine great. Please support them in the upcoming year and help them in putting on great events and community out­reach.

I am looking forward to joining you in the chairs, enjoying a beverage while the Divan lead the meeting and heckling them like the rest of you. Thank you again for an amazing experience. I have loved this opportunity and look forward to the years ahead with all of you.