Potentate’s Notes January 2022

As you read this, our new Potentate will have just been in­stalled. Please welcome Illustrious Ty Stout when you see him. He has been highlighted by Imperial as one of our young, up and coming leaders. This year holds a lot of exciting events for you to all enjoy, but I want to highlight the upcoming Shriner-versary in February. It isn’t often that you get to cel­ebrate 100 years of anything, let alone our philanthropy. Add to that 150 years of our fraternity and you get a heck of a cel­ebration. Tickets are very limited, so please call the office and order now.

We had a very enjoyable installation for the 2022 Divan of­ficers, and we are excited to welcome Jay Stewart as our newest Second Ceremonial. Jay has served as a Grand Lodge appointed District Education Officer, Worshipful Master and Secretary of his lodge. He will be a great asset to our organi­zation, so if you see him please get to know him.

As always, the New Year’s party was a blast. Everyone had a great time and it’s always fun to see new faces. If you haven’t been to one of these parties yet, please keep that in mind for upcoming celebrations. Nobody has fun like Shriners have fun.

It has been great to wrap up this year and I am happy to re­port we welcomed several new Shriners to our Temple. We also did a lot of fund-raising with our golf outing, tabloid sales and Sportsmen’s Raffle. We successfully contributed to our hospitals and even committed to Naming Rights for Ohio and assisted in funding a new C-arm for Chicago.

It has been great to see the activity increasing throughout the year as we recovered from the pandemic, and I hope all of you will remain active and enthusiastic about the upcoming year’s activities, events and ceremonials.

Congratulations to all the Divan for your recent election. I wish you all a successful year!