Potentate’s Notes April 2022

Greetings Nobles.

The 70th Zenobia Shrine Circus was a hit! It was great seeing all the families and smiling faces enjoying the great acts. A big thank you to all the Nobles and ladies who volunteered over the four-day event. Without your dedication, our circus would not be possible. THANK YOU!

Spring has sprung and with the warmer weather that can only mean one thing … PARADES! After the long winter, those pa­rade vehicles will need to be tuned up and the shine applied. With the warm sun, I’m sure our parade units won’t mind spending some time outside in the beautiful spring weather. As I am speak­ing of parades, I would like for you to put Monday, September 5, in your calendar, as this will be the date for the potentate’s parade. This will be the Fremont Labor Day parade and will be in down­town Fremont. Come on down to Fremont and show our San­dusky County neighbors how Shriners travel to spread the word of what we are all about, the kids.

As we pass through the first quarter of the year, we can set our sights on ONIONS. Please get out and sell the onions you or your club and unit ordered. I am sure our loyal customers can’t wait to sink their teeth in to those sweet little bulbs of goodness.

Also, get out and sell those Sportsmen’s Extravaganza tickets and make plans to help out the day of the event. We are still look­ing for a few Nobles to be a part of the committee. If you are in­terested, please reach out to myself or any divan member and we can get you on board the team.

Nobles, enjoy the warmer weather and all that spring has to offer. I personally am looking forward to walleye fishing and, hopefully, a little baseball. No matter what the spring has to offer to you, your clubs and units would still love to see your smiling face at a meeting.

Until we meet again, keep a warm heart and a big smile.