Potentate’s Notes December 2022

Greetings Nobles,

Hard to believe the 12 months of 2022 are coming to an end. This milestone year, where we celebrated 150 years of our fraternity and 100 years of our healthcare system, has been truly remarkable. All of the events throughout the year have been inspiring, to say the least. It has been so wonderful listening to all the great stories our nobility has from our history at Zenobia. I am so thankful our new and not so new Nobles have had some great opportunities to listen and swap tales from the past.

Our fall ceremonial was a great day. A few of our units went downtown and spread some holiday cheer on the streets of Toledo. Afterwards, they headed back to Zenobia and were treated to a won­derful lunch and greeted our new Nobles. Speaking of new Nobles! Sixteen Master Masons were made Nobles of Zenobia Shrine. Our ceremonial masters and membership chairman did an exceptional job organizing the ceremonial. As always, our Dramatic Cast was top notch. The day was one our new Nobles and their ladies will not forget anytime soon. Last, but not least, thank you to the Pitmaster unit for preparing and serving lunch. Your culinary skills are next to perfect.
November was a busy month. The fall meat raffle was another sellout and, as always, a rootin’ tootin’ good time. A few changes were made and the event was better than ever. Thank you to all who attended, and keep your ears and eyes open as the meat raffle com­mittee is already working on the spring event.

Awards night at the November stated meeting was greeted by a full house of nobility, either receiving a service award or supporting those who did. Congratulations to all who received awards for your years of service to the world’s greatest philanthropy.

Well Nobles, as December is here and Christmas is a short few weeks away, remember to come to the stated meeting on December 8, for the annual election of officers. Your prospective officers for 2023 need your support, and what better way to show it than to con­gratulate them in person and wishing them well in the year to come.

Twelve months seems like a long time, in the grand scheme of things it is not. I truly hope you enjoyed the calendar year and all it had to offer. Whether it was made special by a fraternal milestone or a significant personal accomplishment, it was one great year.

Merry Christmas to you and your families and Happy New Year!
Until next time, keep a warm heart and a big smile.