Potentate’s Notes May 2023

Greetings Nobles,

Hope you had a wonderful Easter! We FINALLY have our Sports­men’s Extravaganza tickets. Please stop by the office to get yours and/or to sell additional tickets. They are also available for purchase online at shrinesportsmen.com or by calling the office. Please re­member when selling tickets, to not sell to another brother, but to sell to your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and colleagues. Unfortunately, we will be doing a virtual event this year and if you have any further questions, please reach out to me. This is still a HECK OF A DEAL for 101 prizes costing the individual only $20/ticket.

Our annual John Hoffman Memorial Golf Outing is scheduled for Saturday, August 5. Please get your teams together and registered with Robin Hoffman. Remember, this is a 2 p.m. shotgun start at Hidden Hills Golf Course in Woodville. This is a fund-raiser for our hospitals and we would like to show our support to them.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, June 3, as this will be the Po­tentate’s Party “Disco Ball at Studio 54” and the following weekend on June 10, we will have the Potentate’s Parade. The Potentate’s Parade will be in Whitehouse at the Cherry Festival, with an after­glow party following the parade. More details will be coming out soon regarding this, so keep your ears on alert. Bring your friends and family to these events as both will be a great time. In July, we will be having our Zenobia Mud Hens family event. Look for those details in the Hadji.

Nobles we are still looking for a bookkeeper to manage our fi­nancial books; this person does NOT need to be a Noble. If you know of someone, please contact me ASAP. If this person is a non-Noble, I will then need a Noble member to wear the fez and report the financials given by the bookkeeper at each stated meeting. Again, please contact me if you are interested in this.

I understand there may be some clubs/units looking to disband and not know what to do with their money. Our current sign at 795 is non-repairable and still operates off the very dated DOS system. Due to its outdated features, the only option is to replace it. Illus­trious Sir Tom Binder attempted to address this issue in 2018, but we were unable to do anything at that time. A new sign will cost over $10,000, for which we currently do not have the funds. The sign would be a great opportunity for advertising, membership building and fund-raising. It would be a great spot to use your club and units’ money wisely for the betterment of Zenobia.

Last, but not least, do not forget we have Ceremonial on Saturday, May 20. If you know of anyone interested, bring them to our events and let them get a feel for our great organization. Without member­ship, we will not exist and I believe Shriners is one of the greatest philanthropies.

Thank you for all that you do for Zenobia and until next month.