Potentate’s Notes September 2023

Greetings Nobles,

Welcome back!! Another summer has come and gone. As many of you might be aware, our Shrine dues are increasing $20/year for the per capita increase of Shriners International that was voted on at Imperial Session. With that being said, dues can be paid for 2024 now with the option to make installment payments.

I would like to thank everyone who has taken time out of their summer to help sell Sportsmen’s Extravaganza tickets at the Riboff, tractor pulls and scrap. Another big THANK YOU to those of you who helped drive golf carts at the tractor pulls. Please keep selling tickets, as this event will be here before we know it and is a big fund-raiser for our Temple. I also would like to personally thank Bob Young for organizing the Mud Hens event, as a great time was had by all!.

We will be hosting Cigars Under the Stars on Saturday, September 9. It was a great event last year and we plan to have a bonfire this year. On Sunday, October 15, the Fall Meat Feztival will return with the Fez Burning Ceremony after this event. We also have a Friend­ship Night scheduled for Friday, October 20, allowing you the op­portunity to bring friends who may be interested in our fraternity and seek out more information. We need to bring in members, if we want to stay above 1,000 members and maintain our number of del­egate votes allotted for us at Imperial. If we go below this number we will lose one of our current delegate votes.

We need many of you to help with planning of several of our events, especially the Sportsmen’s Extravaganza. This was a suc­cessful event previously and is now struggling. We are asking for anyone who is interested in any capacity to please reach out to us and help make this event a success again. This event takes the hands of many and we need you.

If there is anyone interested in being a dispatcher to find drivers to take children to the hospitals, please reach out to me directly. This is done remotely by computer and does not involve having to be at the Temple. On average, this requires < 5 hours/week. This is the reason we are Shriners.