Potentate’s Notes November 2023

I can’t believe I have 11 months under my belt as Potentate, the time has flown by quickly. Another Grand Lodge has passed us and I enjoyed seeing all those who at­tended and the great brotherhood that was experienced. Winter will soon be approach­ing and so will elections, so please be sure to attend December’s stated meeting to ensure your vote counts on driving our leadership.

For the first time I am truly disappointed with Zenobia after hav­ing to cancel the Meat Raffle and Friendship Night this past month, due to no reservations. It also is highly likely that the Fall Cere­monial will be cancelled, as there are no candidates. I do not know how may times I need to say this, we are now below 1,000 members. It has to be members that bring in new candidates and not the Divan. I am truly blown away that we can’t find more candidates for the Ceremonial. We did, however, bring in a new Noble this past Oc­tober with a Cold Sands Ceremonial, and welcome him with open arms. Please greet PJ Wilson, when you see him at events.

I would like to take this time to thank Dave Coy for making another profitable Sportsmen’s Extravaganza. I also would like to thank the Pit Masters for supplying the food at another successful fez burning to remember those who were wearing them. A great time was had by all at the adult Halloween party; thank you to those who came and to Adam and Alyse for hosting. The following day was the kids trunk or treat in which many children walked through and fun was had by all. Thank you to Troy Hawkins for organizing this event.

At this time I would like to thank those clubs and units that have donated some money to the new sign fund. We are still looking at new ideas and getting quotes on different options. More information will be coming soon. I would like to thank our lodges, appended bodies, advertisers and everyone that uses our Masonic Bulletin for working with Zenobia and fixing those last few kinks in our system. If any other questions remain, please reach out to myself or the office so that the issue can be resolved.

On Thursday, November 30, there will be a Euchre Fun Night that is open to all Nobles and ladies. Please come out and support the Pa­trol Unit and this event. Do not forget to RSVP for the Kid’s Christ­mas Party, as the committee has been working very hard to make this a great event. We will be looking forward to Christmas parties this year. Tiffin Shrine Club will be having a Christmas party on Sat­urday, December 16, at the Tiffin AmVets dining hall with prime rib dinner and cash bar for $30. This event is open to all Zenobia members, so please come out and celebrate with your Nobles.

On a personal note, Joe, I will truly miss you.