Potes Notes for June, July & August 2014 Illustrious Sir Keith Tuttle

What an exciting summer it has been for Zenobia!  Lady Kathy and I and your entire Divan, have been extremely busy representing the Nobility at a number of events including parades nearly every weekend.  It has been my personal pleasure to be riding one of The” Little Red Cars” for the Lancers this summer,  when […]

Potes Notes for June 2014 Illustrious Sir Keith Tuttle, Potentate

Lady Kathy and I have had a humbling last four weeks.  Our Shrine Parents, Jerry and Joyce Argabrite with the help of their committee and a host of others, did a magnificent job with our Potentate’s Ball.  From The A-Team,  led by Ty and Alisha Stout,  to the special appearance by Sonny and Cher, to […]

Potes Notes for May 2014 Illustrious Sir Keith Tuttle, Potentate

Dear Nobles of Zenobia: The last month has been very rewarding for Lady Kathy and I and the schedule over the next month or two is even more crowded with great Zenobia Shrine Events.  Lots of parades coming up and we all know how much we like parades! My heartfelt thanks to Illustrious Sir Dennis […]