2024 Zenobia Elected Divan

Todd Miller
Illustrious Potentate

Kevin Ridgeway
Chief Rabban

Scott Harder
Assistant Rabban

Nathan Weiker
High Priest & Prophet

Jay Stewart
Oriental Guide

David G. Coy, CPA

John Mann
Recorder / Business Manager

2024 Zenobia Appointed Officers

Adam Latham
First Ceremonial Master

Drew DeVore
Second Ceremonial Master

Mark Harris


Charles “Skip” Schenk
Captain of the Guard

Phil Williams
Assistant Marshal / Outer Guard

Corey Speweik
Temple Parliamentarian

Bethel Green
Director of Units

Charles “Chuck” Insley
Chief Ambassador

2024 Zenobia Board of Trustees

Gregory Bowlus
Chairman (2024)

John Fulton
Trustee (2027)

Ty Stout, P.P.
Trustee (2024)

Scott Garwood
Trustee (2025)

Richard Jeffrey
Trustee (2026)

2024 Zenobia Finance Committee

Harold “Bud” Crary
Finance Committee (2025)

Benjamin Croley
Finance Committee (2024)

Ryan Kelley
Finance Committee (2025)

Michael Shobe
Finance Committee (2024)

2024 Zenobia Imperial Council Representatives

Todd Miller

Kevin Ridgeway
Chief Rabban

Dennis Gable
Past Potentate

Bernard Lemieux, MD
Past Imperial Potentate Ad Vitam