Our Hospitals

Shriner Hospitals are the most important thing the Shriners do, and one of the largest charities in existence. They provide help for children with burns, orthopedic conditions, spinal cord injuries and cleft lip/palate. They provide this high level of care at no cost by way of the Shriner Endowment and contributions. At present there are 22 hospitals in America, Canada and Mexico, accredited by the Joint Credit of Healthcare Organizations.For more information on the hospitals, their mission statement or frequently asked questions, check out the hospital page at the Shriner Headquaters Page .

To refer a potential patient, please call: 

US   1-800-237-5055
CAN   1-800-361-7256

These three hospitals serve the midwest and are affiliated with the Zenobia Shrine, among others.

Erie Shriners Hospital

1645 W. Eighth St.
Erie PA 16505 

Telephone: (814)-875-8700; 800-873-KIDS
Fax: (814)-875-8756
Chairman, Board of Governors: Thomas M. Foose, Jr.
Administrator: Charles Walczak
Chief of Staff: John Lubahn, M.D.

The Erie Hospital is a 30-bed pediatric orthopedic hospital providing comprehensive orthopedic care to children at no charge. The hospital is one of 22 Shriners Hospitals throughout North America. The Erie Hospital accepts and treats children with routine and complex orthopedic problems, utilizing the latest treatments and technology available in pediatric orthopedics, resulting in early ambulation and reduced length of stay.

Erie Shriners Hospital Webpage

Chicago Shriners Hospital

2211 N. Oak Park Ave.
Chicago, IL 60707 

Telephone: (773)-622-5400
Fax: (773)-385-5453 TDD: (773)-385-5419
Outpatient Clinic: (773)-385-5410
Administrator: Mark L. Niederpruem, FACHE
Chief of Staff: Jeffrey Ackman, M.D.

The Chicago Shriners Hospital is a leading Midwest children’s hospital providing high quality pediatric orthopedic surgery, plastic, reconstructive and craniofacial surgery and spinal cord injury care. Located on the northwest side of Chicago, the hospital is a short term, 60-bed facility that combines quality medical care with innovative education and research. The hospital is one of 22 Shriners hospitals operated in the United States, Canada and Mexico by the Shrine fraternity. At Shriners Hospitals, there is no charge to the patient, parent, or any third party.

Chicago Shriners Hospital Webpage

Cincinnati Shriners Hospital

3229 Burnet Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45229-3095 

Telephone: (800)-875-8580
Fax: (513)-872-6999 TDD: (513)-872-6126
Administrator: Ronald A. Hitzler
Chief of Staff: Richard J. Kagan, M.D.

The Shriners Hospital in Cincinnati is a 30-bed pediatric burn hospital providing comprehensive acute care and reconstructive and rehabilitative care to children who have been burned. There is no charge to the patient or family for any of the medical care or services provided by Shriners Hospitals. This hospital is one of 22 Shriners Hospitals throughout North America. The Cincinnati Hospital is equipped and staffed to treat the following: Acute burns Patients needing plastic reconstructive or restorative surgery as a result of “healed” burns Severe scarring, resulting in contractures or interfering with mobility of the limbs Scarring and deformity of the face.

Cincinnati Shriners Hospital Webpage