Potes Notes for June, July & August 2014 Illustrious Sir Keith Tuttle

What an exciting summer it has been for Zenobia!  Lady Kathy and I and your entire Divan, have been extremely busy representing the Nobility at a number of events including parades nearly every weekend.  It has been my personal pleasure to be riding one of The” Little Red Cars” for the Lancers this summer,  when time allows.  Like our other  parade units, there is tremendous pride and professionalism (and  some great  fun) , in everything The Lancers do.

In Mid – June we were visited by Imperial Sir Jim Cain and Illustrious Sir Steve Schenk  for two days, kicking off our Pace Membership Program.  I deeply appreciate the time put in by our Divan, our Past Potentates, Unit and Shrine Club Leaders and many others, all day Friday and Saturday the 12th. and 13th  of June.  With the guidance of our Membership Team lead by Troy Hawkins, The Pace Program will be vital in increasing our membership and retention.  You will see various aspects of the program being rolled out over the next couple of months.

My personal thanks and congratulations to Illustrious Sir Mike Schnapp and Mike Shobe, Valley Secretary,  for their hard work in hosting a Scottish Rite/Shrine Night with The Toledo Mud Hens on June 14th.  Well over 100 Scottish Rite Masons,  and Shriner Masons  had a great evening followed by fireworks .  On the same weekend was Plane Fun at Toledo Executive Airport which highlighted our Pilots Unit and many of our parade units on Saturday and Sunday.  This was just a typical fun pack weekend this summer with multiple events planned!

There were a number of Divan Members and others who attended the Imperial Session in Minneapolis, July 5th.,  through the 10th.  The days were spent in Business Meetings learning more about our great Hospital System and our incredible fraternity.  The  parade in Minneapolis featured hundreds of Marching Units from all over the world and lasted over three hours.  My thanks to those who took time from their busy schedule to go to the Imperial Session.

The Summer Picnic which was organized by our 1st. Ceremonial Master Tom Binder and his Lady Chris was a great success.  Coinciding with the Picnic,   our Motorcycle Escort Unit concluded their Fun Run at Zenobia on the same afternoon.  Our patients and their families were able to see the incredible array of beautiful motorcycles,  and in some cases even  sit on them.  Thanks for a great time, Escort Unit!

Over one hundred fifty people attended the Fremont Shrine Club Steak and Corn Roast on August the 6th.  Tremendous team work by Ty and Alisha Stout,  and their hard working group, who worked hard putting on a great event for everybody.  We were honored to be with so many of our best friends including so many Past Potentates.  Special guests included Karen Turner, Carolyn Young,  Jane Papenfuss,   and  long- time Shriners John Brenner and Bob Reitzel and their ladies.

As part of our Pace Membership Program The Zenobia Divan will do our first Meet and Greet Town Hall Meeting in Findlay on September 16th. at The Findlay Clown Building In Findlay.  The address is 1525 Payne Ave. in Findlay.  This is a great opportunity to meet your Divan, have a great dinner and enjoy a fun night of fellowship.  Please call Chuck Insley, Keith Tuttle or Dick Fries for details and reservations.

Mark Twain was quoted as saying “Necessity is the mother of taking chances”  Thanks to all of you for really going the extra mile and “Daring Greatly” to help our great Fraternity.


Fraternally Yours


Keith Tuttle


Potes Notes for June 2014 Illustrious Sir Keith Tuttle, Potentate

Lady Kathy and I have had a humbling last four weeks.  Our Shrine Parents, Jerry and Joyce Argabrite with the help of their committee and a host of others, did a magnificent job with our Potentate’s Ball.  From The A-Team,  led by Ty and Alisha Stout,  to the special appearance by Sonny and Cher, to the ladies choir, the entire evening was magnificent. The thank you list is so long that I am sure if I started to name everybody I would surely leave somebody out.  On a very personal note, my family being there to support me was deeply appreciated.  I know my Dad would have been there on the dance floor with my Mom if he was still with us to witness the big night.

I write about our Friendship Nights in almost every column and there is a good reason for this.  Quite a few of the prospective Nobles that are going through our Ceremonial at the end of May, were treated to a Friendship Night themselves.  If you have a prospective Mason or a Mason who wants more information about becoming a Shriner, please bring him  and his Lady to an upcoming Friendship Night.  The Findlay Clowns/Shrine Club will be hosting our next Friendship Night on May 16th. and The Northern Light Masonic Lodge will be hosting on June 14th.

It was great to see Illustrious Sir Bob Secoy,  and his Lady Sue at The Ohio Shrine Meetings in Dayton on May 2nd and May 3rd.  Even though Illustrious Sir Secoy is follicly challenged as I am right now, his sense of humor never left him.  We are so glad that our Past Potentate is on the mend!

Lady Kathy and I left Dayton early on May 3rd and traveled about six hours to The Mocha Potentate’s Ball in London, Ontario.  The Canadians really know how to put on a great party and we were honored to be able to attend the event with Illustrious Sir Mike Schnapp and his Lady Susan

Hopefully we will be completely done with another very successful onion sale by the time you are reading this.    I am so thankful for the many years of dedicated service by “Reverend Onion” Bob Papenfoos.  We miss you dearly Pappy and I know that you worked tirelessly for Zenobia for many years.  You were a good friend to all of us. 

While we all miss Pappy, the onions still need to be sold….I want to personally thank Past  Potentate Mike Schnapp for really stepping up and taking care of the Onion sale this year.  These are not easy shoes to fill and we are very thank full for your sacrifice Illustrious Sir. Thanks also to Pinky Traver for all of the help he provided in taking care of the onions.

I am pleased to announce that Dan Slavin has accepted the appointment as our Second Ceremonial Master.  Dan is a Twice Lodge Master and is deeply involved in Masonry in Northwest, Ohio.  Dan will make a great addition to The Zenobia Divan Line.

For those of you that read the Hadji but don’t attend our Stated Meeting , you probably don’t know our Treasurer,  Dave Coy.  Dave is a Full Time College Accounting Professor (Department Head) and still finds the time to meticulously keep the books for Zenobia Temple  Dave is also a proud Zenobia Highlander.  I am sure Noble Coy will be upset at me for mentioning his name here, as well as how fortunate we are to have him at Zenobia, but I don’t really care.  Thanks for your service Noble Coy.

 I will end this month’s column with a quote by Brother Henry Ford (a 33rd Degree Mason)   Enthusiasm is at the bottom of all progress.  With it there is accomplishment.  Without it there are only alibis.

See You at the Shrine Ceremonail on Saturday, May 31st!   Thank you for “Daring Greatly “ for Zenobia

Potes Notes for May 2014 Illustrious Sir Keith Tuttle, Potentate

Dear Nobles of Zenobia:

The last month has been very rewarding for Lady Kathy and I and the schedule over the next month or two is even more crowded with great Zenobia Shrine Events.  Lots of parades coming up and we all know how much we like parades!

My heartfelt thanks to Illustrious Sir Dennis Gable, The Circus Committee and the many volunteers, who worked so hard to make the 2014 Zenobia Shrine Circus a tremendous success.  Some of the highlights are that we sold the most seats and had the highest gross sales of any circus since we moved to The Seagate Center.  I know I have said it before but if you missed volunteering for the circus, you missed a great time.

Lady Kathy and I along with Assistant Rabban (Most Worshipful) Charlie Murphy and his Lady Zoe, enjoyed traveling to Archbold, Ohio on March 28th for the 5th. District Grand Master’s Reception.  Working the room with somebody as well- known as Charlie Murphy is really a pleasure.  Charlie and Zoellen are great Ambassadors for Zenobia whenever they are out.

The next morning (March 29th.) we enjoyed pancakes with our Masonic Brothers at Northern Light, then at 11:00 attended the Dendarah Installation of Officers.  That night we again saw Grand Master Mick, this time at the 11th Masonic District, Grand Master’s Reception in Perrysburg.   Thanks to all of our Divan Members and their Ladies for being there that night and for the tremendous time and effort you are putting in this year at many different events, it is appreciated. 

I can’t say enough about how well the Friendship Nights are going at Zenobia.  Troy Hawkins is doing a great job facilitating these dinners and we are gaining members because of his and other’s efforts.  On April 25th. The Roadrunners will be hosting the next Friendship Night and on May 16th. The Findlay Clowns will be cooking and hosting Friendship Night.  If you know of a good man who would like an introduction to Masonry, or you know a good Mason possibly interested in becoming a Shriner, bring them to a Friendship Night and the dinner is on us!

On April 5th. The Zenobia Divan did a great job of presenting The Fellowcraft Degree during The Grand Master’s One Day Class.  I am so proud of the job we did and I appreciate Chief Rabban Joe Bublick taking the lead on this and keeping us all on task. Thanks also to Ty Stout and Max Sikorski for their parts in the degree.    

My thanks to Oriental Guide Tom Binder,  and 1st Ceremonial Master Rich Schroeder who along with ladies from The Dendarah Court put on a great Easter Egg Hunt at Zenobia on April 19th. …Great job everybody!

Our Shrine Ceremonial is May 31th following the Point Place parade…There is still time to get petitions in guys. 

Even though there are a boat load of other events planned, I will close this month’s column with words from Ruth Smeltzer.  These simple sentences remind me so much of the great work done by our own Roadrunners.

“You have not lived a perfect day, even though you have earned your money, unless you have done something for someone who will never be able to repay you. “


Thanks for all you are doing for Zenobia


Keith Tuttle


Zenobia Shriners

Potes Notes for April 2014 Illustrious Sir Keith Tuttle

Spring Is Finally Springing!

Seems like we are finally going to be able to talk about wearing our short sleeve shirts again and start to plan parades at Zenobia, instead of worrying about how many miles in a level three snow emergency,  we had to travel to find rock salt and snow shovels!  I am going to have a real issue with the first guy who complains this summer how hot it is!

Thomas Edison once said “The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are first, hard work, second stick-to-itiveness; and third, common sense. “   Nothing could exemplify this more than the effort put forth for our 2014 circus.   From the first Circus Meeting last April up through the Saegate Foodbank Event to the last performance on Sunday Match 23rd.,   dozens and dozens of Zenobia Nobles,  have shown tremendous stick-to-itiveness and brutal hard work in making this year’s circus very, very successful.  None of this would have been possible without the leadership of our Circus Chairman, Past Potentate Dennis Gable,  and his entire Circus Committee , who continue to amaze me with their dedication to our Fraternity.  In the next Hadji I will list the names of the top five ad sellers as well as some special awards going out to those who went “above and beyond” in 2014. Thank you, Thank You Thank You again for a great effort in 2014.  Thanks for making the circus so much fun for som many families.

Although Lady Kathy and I attended many events during March, a special shout out goes to The Hillbillies for a great Chili Cook Off on March 10th.  I know with the snowstorm the night before, some were worried that nobody would show up.  It was no surprise to Lady Kathy and I when we used every table and every chair at Zenobia and we still had people waiting on seats.  Special thanks to Mike Ray for taking care of plowing the snow at the last minute and of course to Jimmy and Jenny Snetz for a great time.  Look for pictures of the chili cook off winners in this Hadji, it was a hoot!

Our Friendship Nights have been a tremendous success introducing   good men to Masonry and Good Masons to The Shrine.  Many thanks to The Lancers, who cooked and served steaks on February 21st. and to the Motorcycle Escort Unit for hosting  on March 14th.  The people’s choice award so far goes to Steve Robison for his culinary skills.  Must have been something he picked up in Vietnam during his days off from helicopter pilot duty.  Looking forward to another Friendship Night on April 25th.that is going to be hosted by The Roadrunners.  Bring a candidate and or another couple and The Steak Dinner for you and your guest or guests is free of charge. 

April 5th. is our Masonic One Day Class in Northwest,  Ohio.  I am pleased to say that your Divan has been working very hard in preparing to present the Fellowcraft Degree to the new Masons. Come on out to witness The District 11 event at Toledo Masonic Complex all day on April 5th.

April 19th. The Zenobia Divan and The Dendarah Ladies are teaming up to do an Easter Egg Hunt at our Shrine Temple from one to three in the afternoon.   All Masons and Shriners, and of course their families are invited.  Tom Binder, Rich Schroeder and their Dendara Counterparts have put a lot of work into this event so come out and join in the fun. 

I am so humbled to be your Potentate for 2014 and Kathy and I look forward to serving you during this year.  Think about joing us on our trip to Nashville over Memorial Day Weekend or on our Fall trip to Chicago, we promise you will have a great time.


Keith Tuttle


Zenobia Shriners



Potes Notes for March 2014 Illustrious Sir Keith Tuttle

To my Shriner /Mason Brothers and Nobles –   There are a number of exciting events planned over the next couple of weeks that I am sure you will want to take part in.  Please take a minute from your valuable day and read through this e-mail.

March 13th.. Zenobia Stated Meeting.  Whether this is your first Stated Meeting or the  Fiftieth, we promise that you will have fun while discussing the business of Zenobia and the many great events that are upcoming.  If you have not been to a Stated Meeting in the last six months, please let me know and I will present you with a special gift.  We start the meeting at promptly at 7:30 PM and we would love to see you there.

March 14th..Friendship Night @ Zenobia:  Do you know somebody who would like to learn more about Masonry as well as The Shrine, while enjoying a complimentary Steak  Dinner ?  This is our third Friendship Night so far in 2014 and we are getting some great results with Membership Petitions.  The Motorcycle Escort Unit will serve up a great dinner to you and your guest or couple that you bring, all at no charge.  Call Teri at  The Zenobia Shrine Temple  419-661-9200 and get your reservation in for this great event.  We start at 5:45 and promise that the official program will be over by about 8:00.  The last couple of Friendship Nights lasted longer unofficially with everybody staying to enjoy drinks and fellowship.

March 15th.. The Zenobia Shrine Circus is teaming up with the Seagate Food Bank and Levis Commons for a fun and beneficial event. The excitement runs from 1 PM to 5 PM on the streets of Levis Commons with the purpose of collecting food for the Seagate Food Bank. Anyone who makes a donation of at least 1 lb. of canned goods will receive a $2 off coupon for a Thursday or Friday performance of the Shrine Circus.

Zenobia Nobles are asked to be a part of this great event by stopping out and donating some goods. Wear your fez, your unit uniform or your shrine shirt/coat and show your pride! If you have or are part of a parade unit, then you are especially needed (weather permitting). We have a controlled location (outside) for displaying our many parade vehicle. Better yet, Levis would like to see us “on the streets” with our units, “cruising the avenue” at your leisure.

Come out, have some fun with your fellow Nobles and show your pride, while also supporting the food bank and promoting the upcoming Shrine Circus!

Circus……Circus….Circus….Come on out and help at any one of our Circus Performances and I promise you will have a great time!….Thursday March 20th, through Sunday March 23rdThis is by far our largest Fund Raiser for the year and your help would be appreciated.

My sincere thanks to all of you as you are “Daring Greatly” for Zenobia.   Keith Tuttle Potentate

Potes Notes February 2014 Illustrious Sir Keith Tuttle


So Much Going On, So Much To Be Thankful For!

It is truly an honor and privilege for Kathy and I to lead Zenobia Shriners as your Potentate and First Lady in 2014.  I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to our Shrine Parents, Jerry and Joyce Argabrite for having the confidence six years ago to appoint me to The Zenobia Divan Line and to help us both on our journey up to this point.  Kathy and I also want to thank Junior Past Potentate Dennis Gable and his lady Joan,  for their leadership and devotion to Zenobia in 2013 as well as their guidance and their close friendship this past year.  You have both been great mentors for Kathy and I. 

January has been a whirlwind of activities and February and March are  packed with more activities,  so make sure you stay up to date.  Read your Hadji and please make sure you are opening the e-mails from me with future events listed.

Charlie and Zoellen Murphy hosted a wonderful time for about a hundred Shriners on January 4th.  with a Hawaiian New Year Party.   A great time was had by all with even some “coconut bowling” worked into  the evening.   The Stated Meeting  on the 9th. with the installation of our new Divan was awesome and I very much appreciated  our Town Crier Mike Lieber making the event even more special.  Thanks to all of our Units and Clubs as well as our hard working Divan who participated in our Orientation Meeting on Saturday the 11th.  I am giving most of the credit for a very successful meeting to our Past Pote Dennis Gable,  who did the prep work for the successful  meeting.

The Potentate’s Reception held at Camp Perry was humbling to say the least for Kathy and I.  Jerry and Joyce Argabrite, The Ottawa County Shrine Club, Jerry Bryant, and many others were responsible for a great event that Kathy and I will remember for a lifetime.  I am thankful that my family was able to attend this event and that I am sure my Dad was there in spirit. 

Your Membership Committee, led by Troy Hawkins, is very busy.  Our first Friendship Night at Zenobia  on January 17th. was a great success and we are looking forward to the next Friendship Night on February 21st

My thanks to  The A-Team for hosting the event on the 17th. and we look forward to the Lancers hosting in February.  If you know of a Mason or someone who should be a Mason and then a Shriner,  please bring them to one of our Friendship Nights.  We put on a great feed for you, your guest and their wife and if you bring a prospect, there is no charge for a great Steak Dinner!

The Shrine Hospital event at Findlay College on January 30th. was a great success and Jerry Crouch deserves a lot of credit for putting all of these pieces together.  The Game Dinner was an amazing  time and a great fund raiser for our membership activities in 2014.  Thanks to Gary Brown, Doug Morrow and Dave Black for a job well done!

 Thanks in advance for the support you are going to give Kathy and I as well as YOUR Divan in 2014.  We are “Daring Greatly” and moving this Fraternity forward with your help.

Keith Tuttle


Zenobia Shriners 

Potes Notes January 31, 2013 (End of Year) Illustrious Sir Gable

Potes’s Notes – Jan. 2014

Zenobia Shrine has been terrific in 2013 due to outstanding support from the Nobles.  Each Noble, his lady, family and friends, who supported any activity held through the Temple, has played a significant role in the success this year of the Zenobia Shriners.  Thank you for whatever part you played in being “prepared to serve”. 

It has been a pleasure to serve the membership of Zenobia on the Divan, and especially this year, as Potentate.  Your Divan has established good long term plans over the past few years and that direction will continue to get better in the coming years.  Continue to support your Board of Directors as they do what is best for Zenobia.  Best wishes to the newly elected officers who are anxious to continue to work for the members.

For all those Nobles and their Ladies who stepped up and served on one of the Potentate’s appointed positions, your help has been appreciated and made 2013 a successful and enjoyable year.  Thank you for all you have done.  Your time and efforts were appreciated and now you are relieved of your 2013 assignments.  Please consider assisting your new Potentate, Keith Tuttle and his Lady Kathy, if asked.

Lady Joan and I have truly enjoyed being able to serve Zenobia in 2013.  We have met many new friends, and became better acquainted with old friends.  We appreciate each of you for your support for us, Zenobia, our fraternity and the ‘world’s greatest philanthropy!”  You have made this year a memory filled with smiles.  We are grateful that you are always “prepared to serve”!  Our best wishes to you for good health and happiness.

Potes Notes December 2013 – Illustrious Sir Gable

Pote’s Notes – December

The Fall Ceremonial gets better each year!  Thanks to all who helped to welcome our newest members, including those from the past 3 years.  What a great job our Nobles do to provide everyone with a good time!  A special ‘Thanks’ goes out to our Dramatic Cast and the Director’s Staff for making the day memorable.  The First Section was marvelous presentation, and  everyone had an entertaining time in the Second Section.  Also, ‘thanks’ to all who attended.  All the units that participated in the tailgate and “showed their stuff” throughout the Ceremonial helped each of us to experience what satisfaction one can have by joining a club or unit.  The new Nobles expressed that it really was FUN!

Zenobia made the Toledo Holiday Parade spectacular by having so many units and clubs participate.  You are impressive.  Thanks to everyone who made the parade.

The Zenobia Kids Holiday Party will be here on Sunday, December 8.  Thank you to all who donated to the party.  If your club/unit has not done so, there is still time to help out.  Stop by and experience the smiling faces.  Thank you to Mike and Pam Ray for chairing this event.

Zenobia will again be hosting a new Worshipful Master’s Dinner, which will be attended by MWGM Mick.  Please contact your lodge and have the WM make reservations and attend with his lady.

This is a busy time of year with many holiday dinners and installations.  I want to extend to all the unit/club officers for 2014, best wishes for a successful year.  My Lady Joan and I have enjoyed attending these events and look forward to the several ahead.

Remember to purchase your tickets for the Zenobia New Year Party which will be held on January 4th (1/4/14!).  This is always a fun time and this year will be no exception.  The activities have changed, so come and enjoy some ‘new’ fun.  You will not be disappointed.

Lady Joan and I have thoroughly enjoyed traveling with nobles and their ladies to New England, Cincinnati Hospital Open House, and DC with the Legion of Honor.  We appreciate all the support from you that has made this year so enjoyable.  Thank you all for your “Prepared to Serve” participation in Zenobia.  There is more to happen, so get out and enjoy Shrinedom.

We also extend to each Noble, Mason and their ladies best wishes for the holiday season.  May your days be blessed and filled with satisfaction.  Happy Holidays to You and Yours, from Lady Joan and me.

Potes Notes November 2013 – Illustrious Sir Gable

It is a pleasure to announce two new members of the Divan, Tom Binder as 1st Ceremonial Master and Rich Schroeder as 2nd Ceremonial Master.  Following much investigation, it was evident that they are “prepared to serve” Zenobia Shrine.  Each of these Shriners is excited about the challenges which lie ahead and are anxious to begin serving Zenobia in their new role.  More detailed information about each can be found elsewhere in the Hadji.  Please welcome Tom and Rich as they begin their new positions with Zenobia.

Membership Day is every day, and today is no different.  We have our next ceremonial on Saturday, November 16, 2013 at Zenobia.  This is in conjunction with the Toledo Holiday Parade.  See other articles for times and activities.  What is needed from you are candidates!  Get those petitions into the office for processing.  If you need some assistance in getting commitments, bring your candidate to the RUSH Night on November 8th at Zenobia.  This informative evening is good for the candidate, his spouse and can be helpful for you and your lady.  Doors open at 6 PM and the program begins at 6:30 PM.  Reservations are preferred, but not required, by contacting Teri at (419) 661-9200, ext. 120.  Let’s make that extra effort NOW and get these candidates involved in the greatest fraternity.

Thank you to everyone and anyone who helped in any way to the success of the Divan Ladies Style Show or the Entertainers Sportsman’s Event on October 5th.  Without your help neither would be possible.  The Ladies Style Show was a huge success!  Thanks for the great attendance, good food and drink, wonderful door prizes and auction items.  A special “Thank you” goes out to Jenny Snetz who provided the biggest draw, the beautiful quilt.  Well done, Lady Joan!

The Sportsman’s Event was a profitable activity for Zenobia.  This was a good beginning to what can be a great event.  Thank you to the Entertainers Group for selecting Zenobia as the recipient of the proceeds.

The Pote’s Fall Foliage trip has returned from New England.  It was a marvelous trip with beautiful scenic views throughout.  The visit to the Philadelphia Masonic Lodge was impressive.  The New England seafood was outstanding.  But the fellowship shared by all on the trip was the most memorable. Thank you to all who attended and made this a great memory.

Remember to do your part and be “prepared to serve” Zenobia.  Sign up some candidates for the Ceremonial, attend one Zenobia event you have not participated in previously, sell Shrinedom to people you know.

Potes Notes October 2013 – Illustrious Sir Gable

September was another great month to be a Shriner!  It was my pleasure to present to our members their 25, 50, and 60 year pins.  We had 24 recipients present for their 25-years pins and three for their 50th.  Congratulations to Barney Stickles who received his 60 year pin! What a great way to reopen the temple for our fall activities.

The summer parades have provided Zenobia with positive exposure in many communities.  This is a fantastic way to showcase the fun that Shriners have while also promoting our fraternity and philanthropy.  It is one of our best recruiting tools. So, a big ‘Thank You’ to those who parade for Zenobia!

Speaking of parades, what a super Zenobia turnout for the Clyde parade! There was a super Zenobia turn-out!  A good parade in the past became one of the best parades for Clyde. This was all because you were there for fun and to entertain.  Thank you for being “prepared to serve” and making a super showing!

As summer winds down, we are making plans for the winter.  The Gator Party in scheduled and ready for reservations.  I want to personally thank the Gator Party Committee chaired by Don and Shellie Falkenberg, with members Harold and Gloria Mucci, and Joe and Chris Vedra, all of whom have provided a terrific dinner and after-glo at Sahib Temple in Sarasota.  Because of their efforts, this party continues to grow in spirit and fellowship.  Thank you all! Make plans for the 2014 Gator Party on February 24th!

Check the calendar for the many events that will be happening.  Remember, on November 16th we will have our next “Old-Fashioned” Ceremonial.  Clubs and units should be getting plans together to have a ‘recruiting’ table, whether it is providing hand-outs, food or games to entice new members to join their group.  A meal will be served, time given for fellowship with new members and a unit parade will all occur besides the 1st and 2nd sections.  This will be the day of the Toledo Holiday Parade and each unit should plan on participating for the whole day.

Remember, a good way to recruit is to attend our RUSH events.  This year we have Rush Breakfast on October 12th and a Rush Night on November 8th (note date change).  These are great opportunities to bring Masons and non-Masons to hear about Blue Lodge, York and Scottish Rites, and the Shrine.  All non-Masons are free and ladies are welcome.  Make plans now to attend and bring prospective candidates.

Other events in October for ‘recruiting’ are Thirsty Thursday at Shell Shucker’s in Tiffin (Note location change).  Remember to have your lady attend the Ladies Style Show on Saturday, October 5th.  That evening is the Sportsmen’s Event sponsored by an outside group with proceeds to Zenobia. It is open to all men and women.  (See other Hadji articles for details.)  The regular Zenobia Family Breakfast is on Saturday, October 12th from 9-11 AM.  This will be the same date as the Rush Breakfast, whose program will be held in a separate room.  The Highlanders are holding their 50th year celebration the weekend of October 11-13th, at the Holiday Inn, Perrysburg.  The Pote’s Fall Foliage Trip departs on October 14th.  October 31st is the departure date for The Legion of Honor D.C. trip.

The Circus Committee is up and running.  Each club/unit needs to send a representative to the circus committee meetings on the third Wednesday of each month.  You can help best with the circus by knowing what is happening and is needed. A representative at each meeting will keep you informed and prepared to serve. Everyone contributes in a different way.  Be informed, be involved, be a part of the Zenobia Circus.