Potentate’s Notes February 2024

Greetings Nobles,

It is my pleasure to serve you for another year. A great time was had by all at the Walleye game, and we missed those of you that did not make it.

If there is any Blue Lodge that would like to do a Friendship Night or a Ceremonial, we would love to bring Zenobia to your lodge. Please reach out to myself or Steve Hessler to help organize this. Membership is key to our success and we are looking for ways to make it more convenient to allow growth in membership.

Come one, come all to the Zenobia Circus, March 14-17. It is still our number one fund-raiser, and we need seats filled as well as many volunteers to make this event successful. Sunday, March 24, is the Children’s Easter Egg Hunt; please bring your children/grandchildren out to this event as it is always a great time for them.

The Sportsmen’s Extravaganza tickets are on sale now and it will be located at the Glass City Center this year. We are geared up to have another successful event with this. After the circus, clubs/units will then be able to purchase a table for side raffles.

I am looking for feedback to see if anyone has interest in taking a bus trip to the 911 Memorial in Pennsylvania, later this year. I have no details at this time, but am looking for interest to start plan­ning the trip. Please let me know ASAP.

Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions you may have to build membership this year.

Potentate’s Notes January 2024

I can’t believe 2023 is gone already. Hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday season.

Our number one fund-raiser (the Cir­cus) is just around the corner. Can’t wait to see all the clowns, camels, tigers, acro­bats, etc. Please tell all your friends, co­workers and family about it, so we can have a sell out show this year. If you would like to help, please contact the Circus Director and attend meetings, as they have been going on for a few months now.

Tickets are now available for pickup at the office for the Sportsmen’s Extravaganza, which will be held downtown again at the Glass City Center. This is another great fund-raiser for our organization and needs your support to help sell tickets.

Once again, membership is our true key. We are now closer to 900 vs. 1,000 members. As a reminder, if you can’t afford a lump sum payment of your yearly dues, please contact the office or the Potentate to set up monthly payments for as little as $14/month.

I would like to thank Tiffin Shrine Club and Illustrious Sir Jeff Kuhn for hosting Zenobia Shrine’s Christmas Party, as it was a great event and a nice time had by all. All other Christmas parties of units that were attended to by the Divan were very gracious hosts. I would also like to thank Tiffin Shrine Club for sponsoring the hospitality at installation of officers.
Sunday, January 14, at 2:00 p.m., we will be having a long-term planning session to discuss the future of Zenobia. All are welcome, as we want members to be included on a committee head and not just the Divan members.

Coming up on Saturday, February 3, we will have our annual Walleye game event. This is ALWAYS a great event. Invite your family, friends and neighbors – the more the merrier! See the flyer for various price options. Tickets can be purchased on our website for this event.

Last, but not least, if there is anyone or any lodges or advertis­ers that have questions on the Masonic Bulletin, please reach out to me directly so we can finalize any problems that may remain.

Hope you all have a prosperous New Year and thank you for the continuous support of Zenobia Shrine!!

Potentate’s Notes December 2023

Nobles, Ladies and Families,

I would like to wish each and everyone of you Happy Holidays and may they be Merry and Bright. I hope to see a record turn out at our December stated meeting for election of officers. At this time, I would like to take the opportunity and thank each and every one of you for your support this year, as it has been truly humbling. I do not plan to go anywhere after my term is finished. I plan to ensure the Masonic Bulletin con­tinues to run and try to help the current Divan with any questions they may have for the betterment of Zenobia.

Please continue to give the office patience as we are still trying to bring items into the 21st Century and be more efficient. As many as you know, we are going to be looking for a treasurer within the next six months. Dave Coy plans to retire in this time frame. It would be great if a Noble or a family member that has any accounting knowledge could step into this position. If we are unable to find someone to take this position, we will need to hire an outside firm, which will cost Zenobia more money.

Every year we are starting to lose more members. If there is some­thing we can do to help you or assist with financial hardship, please reach out to the Divan to see what we can do We are currently in the process of collecting dues for 2024. If you would like to make pay­ments to spread out the yearly fee, please reach out to myself or John Mann, and we can set this up.

The kid’s Christmas party was a great event, as it was filled to capacity. A big thank you to John and Cheryl Fulton for chairing the event this year. It was a job well done and all the kids had a wonder­ful time.

On Saturday, December 16, the Dramatic Cast and Tiffin Shrine Club will be hosting Christmas parties. Please reach out to either one and make your reservation. Friday, January 5, is installation of of­ficers at 7 p.m., followed by Zenobia’s New Year Party the following evening on January 6. Stated meeting will follow on Thursday, Janu­ary 11.

I would like to congratulate the Divan ladies and thank my wife, Melissa, for filling the building with a new event they tried this year doing a Purse Bingo. I have never seen this building so full before, it was great to see! I also would like to thank my Chief Aide and his wife (Barry and Hallie VanHoozen) for their assistance in helping to plan Zenobia events this year. This would not have been com­pleted without the assistance of the other A-team members. Thank you to all!!

It was my privilege to serve you this past year and thank you for your support. Please give next year’s Potentate the same support you gave me.