Potentate’s Notes November 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!! I am thankful for this experience to get to know all of you. Being a part of the Divan is a fantastic experience and I hope we have more Nobles seeking out the opportunity. As far as Family goes, I know that your leadership feels like we are all fam­ily and I love getting to work with them. They are talented, passion­ate and hard working. If you see one of them at your unit or club, please thank them for all they do. We also are so lucky to work with some of the greatest managers in Masonry with Dick Fries as recorder, Dave Coy as treasurer, and Hugh Bowland as chaplain.

Some activities you might have seen them at recently were the Findlay Shrine Club and K of C dinner or Zenobia’s children’s or adult Halloween party. A big thank you to Nathan Wieker, Troy Hawkins and the Halloween committees for a successful event for children of all ages (yes, you adults too).

We have our Fall Ceremonial coming up Saturday, November 13, at 3 p.m., with a lunch beforehand. If you missed the Spring Cere­monial in May, you missed out on an amazing event. Please come out and see the phenomenal Dramatic Cast put on an inspiring ritual with their new costumes. Come see your membership director and First Lady Heather put on a fun filled bourbon trail themed event after the ceremonial. Most aspects of this ceremonial will be open to the ladies, except the actual ceremonial, so please bring your lady for a fun and inspiring program. Each unit and club has an assigned action for our new candidates, so please come out and see the fun.

Our stated meeting will feature the Legion of Honor, our veterans group, so please come out to honor them as they post our colors Thurs­day, November 11, at our stated meeting. This is a special day and our meeting happens to fall on it, so please come with your patriotic best. Whether it’s a flag-themed shirt, your Marine Corps tie or your Army jump boots, please support our troops with your patriotic spirit.

Our children’s Christmas party will be Sunday, December 5, and is chaired by Mike and Pam Ray. If your unit can spare some change, please write a check for $50 to $150, so we can purchase the presents for the children. We have a special guest, Santa, this year, that you might not recognize. Come on out and support the event with your children, grandchildren or neighbors in tow. If you would like to bring a child to attend, please RSVP with the office so we can plan Santa’s gifts ahead of time.

There will be a New Masters Night on Friday, December 10, for incoming masters, so please let your lodges know so they can plan to come. The next morning our Shrine will host the 11th Masonic District and the New Grand Master of Masons in Ohio at the Table Lodge. Please get your tickets and come out for a neat program and a good meal.

We hope you are enjoying the Family, Fun, and Fellowship this year, so plan on coming out to our events in November and Decem­ber.