Potentate’s Notes May 2021

We enjoyed the hospitality of both the 5th and 11th District re­ceptions last month, and one of the highest compliments for our Shrine came during a conversation with the Ohio Grand Lodge offi­cers. We spoke about the personality of each Masonic District and when we discussed northwest Ohio they mentioned that Zenobia per­meated the personality of this area. The Grand Lodge loved the way we are integrated into the blue lodges and how our members are so active in all the various Masonic bodies and activities. I wanted to thank all of our members for supporting their lodges, their districts and all the other appendant bodies we are a part of. Without your presence we wouldn’t be the Shrine we are today. One Grand Lodge officer even spoke about becoming an endowed member of our Shrine because he loves our members and activities. What high praise from these hard working Masons who see our fraternity in all fashions from Ohio and around the nation and world.

I want to thank Noble John Fulton, Noble Dick Fries and all the Nobles and brothers who attended our Friendship Night. Your atten­dance is an amazing testament to how we all serve as ambassadors to the fraternity, and we are all responsible for membership. Speak­ing of membership, we are having our ceremonial in just a few days. It is not too late for a Mason to turn in their petition to become a member for our ceremonial on the 15th at 2:00 p.m. Our Member­ship Director, Noble Steve Hessler, the Dramatic Cast and Director’s Staff have a wonderful program planned. It is exciting to see the an­tics coming back to our ceremonial, and I know that several of our new members are excited for it.

Please don’t forget to pick up your onions and provide them to the community for one of our biggest fundraisers. A big thank you to Noble Dave Black and Noble Kevin Ridgeway for being our point people on this endeavor. Please thank Illustrious Tuttle, when you see him as well, for all he provided to the onions for years.

June is a big month for our Shrine as well, with the potentate’s party on Saturday, June 5; tabloid sales; the Clown golf outing Sat­urday, June 19, and the Strawberry Festival parade in Holland. The potentate’s party committee has put together an appropriate theme this year with a Rat Pack vibe, live music and great drinks. I am sure there are some tables left, so if you want to participate in the revelry, please contact the office or Noble Harder, Weiker or Illustrious Mur­phy for a reservation.

Our clubs and units have been very active lately and we are high­lighting the Roadrunners this month and the Clowns in June. A big thank you to the Wise Guys, Pitmasters and Tiffin Hornets for out­standing representation this year. Please support these units by at­tending a meeting and checking them out. We are so lucky to have such active and innovative units, so please support them.

If you have not purchased your piggy bank for the pig roast here at the Shrine on Saturday, September 11, please contact one of the Divan or the Divan ladies. We would be happy to get you a piggy bank, which is your ticket for the event.

We have a lot going on still this year and those who have been to an event are so excited. If you have not had the opportunity to par­ticipate yet, please consider doing so. We are creating so many new stories and memories and we would love for you to be a part of them.

Potentate’s Notes April 2021

Spring has sprung and I think I still have the meat sweats! For those of you that had a chance to attend the inaugural Zenobia Meat Raffle, I am sure you had a great time. Everybody commented at how fast paced and exciting the event was. I know my Fit Bit recorded 37 minutes of exercise that Saturday, and I wasn’t the only one sweating from running up and down the aisles. If you are able and interested, I hope you have the opportunity to come out to one of the events that your Nobility is planning. A huge thanks to the Pit­masters and the meat raffle committee, the work you did was out­standing and we were able to fill a little of our fundraising void this year. For those of you keeping tally, we are chalking up this event to fun, because everyone who attended had fun. A special thanks to Wyatt Miller, our Meat Man, and Rylee Weiker, our Miss Meat, for your help and support in running this event smoothly. I appreciate the time you both donated to us in supporting this fraternity.

Speaking of children and families, we held our Easter Egg Hunt on March 28, for the families and children of our community. An­other big thank you to the Children’s Easter Egg Hunt committee and the work and effort you guys put in. It is great how we are show­ing the community the family orientation we are able to have here at the Shrine, and I am thrilled at how all of you are fostering that feeling.
The beginning of this year has been a whirlwind for me and many of our Divan and Nobility. Together they have accomplished a unique ceremonial, a New Year’s party, a Valentine’s dance, a meat raffle and a Children’s Easter Egg Hunt. If any of you would be interested in helping and planning the upcoming events for the rest of this year, please let me or a Divan member know. We can use your help, your input and ideas, and your support. One way you can provide some support is to gain a circus ad for this upcoming year, though it needs to be turned in soon.

Because of the activities we have already done, we have generated interest in men becoming Masons, Masons becoming Shriners and Shriners joining units. On Friday, April 16, at the Shrine, we will be having a Friendship Night available to anyone interested in becom­ing a Mason or Shriner. There will be a social hour at 6 p.m., pre­ceding a dinner and presentation by Noble Steve Hessler. The event is free to prospective Masons and Shriners, as well as their partners or spouses and, of course, the Masons or Nobles that bring them. Noble John Fulton, the first honorary Pitmaster, will be organizing the dinner and those that are familiar with his cooking will be look­ing to bring anyone and everyone to this event.

We are holding a Ceremonial Saturday, May 15, here at the Shrine, in the afternoon, following a one day class being organized by some lodges in the 11th District, and a lunch and Fourth Degree presentation by the Valley of Toledo Scottish Rite. If you have po­tential Masons or Shriners, please contact the office for a petition or bring them to the friendship night this month. I can think of no better way we can show our fellowship.

A big thank you to all of you who are coming to our stated meet­ings, unit meetings and activities, and Shrine events. It is exciting to start seeing all of you again and I hope you are enjoying the fellow­ship this offers. I know I am.