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Potentate’s Notes January 2022

As you read this, our new Potentate will have just been in­stalled. Please welcome Illustrious Ty Stout when you see him. He has been highlighted by Imperial as one of our young, up and coming leaders. This year holds a lot of exciting events for you to all enjoy, but I want to highlight the […]

Potentate’s Notes December 2021

Thank you all for an amazing year! As we wrap up our major activities for the year, I have to say it has been wonderful, ex­hausting and worth it. I have become better friends with many of you, and learned more about what our members want from their Shrine. We have an inclusive, fun and […]

Potentate’s Notes November 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!! I am thankful for this experience to get to know all of you. Being a part of the Divan is a fantastic experience and I hope we have more Nobles seeking out the opportunity. As far as Family goes, I know that your leadership feels like we are all fam­ily and I love […]