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Potentate’s Notes November 2023

I can’t believe I have 11 months under my belt as Potentate, the time has flown by quickly. Another Grand Lodge has passed us and I enjoyed seeing all those who at­tended and the great brotherhood that was experienced. Winter will soon be approach­ing and so will elections, so please be sure to attend December’s […]

Potentate’s Notes September 2023

Greetings Nobles, Welcome back!! Another summer has come and gone. As many of you might be aware, our Shrine dues are increasing $20/year for the per capita increase of Shriners International that was voted on at Imperial Session. With that being said, dues can be paid for 2024 now with the option to make installment […]

Potentate’s Notes Summer 2023

Greetings Nobles, Are you ready for summer like I am?? As you are reading this, we are probably having the Pote’s Party and if you are not here you have missed a great event. I want to thank those who showed up and made the event a great time. Lady Melissa and I personally want […]