Potentate’s Notes Summer 2022

Greetings Nobles,

I don’t think we could have asked for any better weather in May to sell those sweet Vidalia onions. Thank you to all who helped with the onion sales this year. Hopefully, the nice weather will hold out into June to make our tabloid sale a success.

In the breaks between the rain and wind, Lady Alisha and myself did make it out to do a little walleye fishing, and spruced up the ex­terior of our home, planting flowers and our small vegetable garden. One of my favorite things of late spring and early summer is rhubarb!

My two plants I put in the ground a few years back are really turn­ing into a nice patch at the homestead.

Our May ceremonial welcomed six new Nobles. Welcome No­bles! You are now a part of a fraternity that supports the world’s greatest philanthropy. Get out and get active. All of Zenobia’s clubs and units are eager to meet you, and with all we have to offer I’m sure you will find your place. Again, welcome and I look forward to spending time getting to know you.

As summer is here, Zenobia is not slowing down. Many great events will happen this summer. Take a look at your calendar books and you will see them all. Highlighted events will, of course, be our Mud Hens night on Friday, August 26, and our picnic celebrating 100 years of Shriners Healthcare for Children on Sunday, August 14, at Zenobia. The Potentate’s picnic for the Rainbow girls and De­Molay groups will be held on Saturday, July 23, at Zenobia. This event is open to the youth groups, and their families, to celebrate to­gether and bring some friends to share in the hospitality.

Get your registrations in for the Hoffman Memorial Golf Outing on Saturday, August 6, at Heatherdowns Country Club. This annual event is a great one, and one not to be missed. Come on out and cel­ebrate our friend, Noble John Hoffman.

The final preparations are underway for the Pote’s trip in Septem­ber. Thank you all who will be traveling the waves with Lady Alisha and myself. We are counting down the days, and looking forward to the trip of a lifetime with all our friends.

Well my fellow Nobles, this summer is shaping up to be fun and productive. Get out and support your clubs and units. It is a great time to be a Zenobia Shriner.

Until next time, keep a warm heart and a big smile.

Potentate’s Notes May 2022

Greetings Nobles,

As the April showers are wrapping up and the marathon of mow­ing grass begins, May is shaping up to be a busy month for us at home and at Zenobia. Parade requests are starting to come in, and with Memorial Day arriving in a few short weeks, summer will of­ficially begin. As a reminder, please send in your requests for pa­rades, so they can be approved to be covered by our insurance.

The Saturday, May 14, Ceremonial will be one to remember. First, we have moved the start time to late afternoon. We will serve dinner at 5 p.m., with ceremonial starting at 6 p.m. The time frame was moved later to accommodate our Dramatic Cast, as many of them will be attending another Masonic body initiation early that day. We will take petitions until the start of the ceremonial. If you have that Mason who just can’t make it for a morning ceremonial, this is their chance to join Zenobia and enjoy our great fellowship. Also, with a great meal being cooked up by the Pitmaster unit, it’s a win-win oc­casion. So make your plans to come to Zenobia and enjoy a great evening of fellowship and welcome our new Nobles. Simply call the office and RSVP, so we can have enough food for all.

A big thank you to all that attended the potentates party on April 23. The committee planned a great event. My friends from out of town were truly impressed by our Shriner hospitality, and they are already asking when the next event is taking place, to come back and join in on the fun. Lady Alisha and myself enjoyed spending time with all of you, and the relaxed setting was a nice change of pace for what is traditionally a formal affair.

Ohio Shrine was held at Aladdin Shrine, and your Divan repre­sented you well. Many topics were discussed, but the number one was membership. Creation is only one aspect of membership. Get­ting all of our Nobles to join a unit or club is essential for retention of our Nobility. If you see a new Noble, introduce yourself and get our new Nobles involved with Zenobia. You’ll find that they will join in the fun and love Zenobia as we all do.

Well Nobles, get out and sell those onions and get your tabloid spots picked out. Remember to have fun, after all you are a Zenobia Shriner!

Happy Mothers Day to all our moms, and remember all moms like flowers.

Until next time, keep a warm heart and a big smile.

Potentate’s Notes April 2022

Greetings Nobles.

The 70th Zenobia Shrine Circus was a hit! It was great seeing all the families and smiling faces enjoying the great acts. A big thank you to all the Nobles and ladies who volunteered over the four-day event. Without your dedication, our circus would not be possible. THANK YOU!

Spring has sprung and with the warmer weather that can only mean one thing … PARADES! After the long winter, those pa­rade vehicles will need to be tuned up and the shine applied. With the warm sun, I’m sure our parade units won’t mind spending some time outside in the beautiful spring weather. As I am speak­ing of parades, I would like for you to put Monday, September 5, in your calendar, as this will be the date for the potentate’s parade. This will be the Fremont Labor Day parade and will be in down­town Fremont. Come on down to Fremont and show our San­dusky County neighbors how Shriners travel to spread the word of what we are all about, the kids.

As we pass through the first quarter of the year, we can set our sights on ONIONS. Please get out and sell the onions you or your club and unit ordered. I am sure our loyal customers can’t wait to sink their teeth in to those sweet little bulbs of goodness.

Also, get out and sell those Sportsmen’s Extravaganza tickets and make plans to help out the day of the event. We are still look­ing for a few Nobles to be a part of the committee. If you are in­terested, please reach out to myself or any divan member and we can get you on board the team.

Nobles, enjoy the warmer weather and all that spring has to offer. I personally am looking forward to walleye fishing and, hopefully, a little baseball. No matter what the spring has to offer to you, your clubs and units would still love to see your smiling face at a meeting.

Until we meet again, keep a warm heart and a big smile.